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Rules of Modifiers

Modifier: A modifier is a word or phrase, or clause that functions as an adjective or adverb. It provides additional information about another word or phrase. It is also known as an adjunct. Modifier is of two types; Pre-modifier and Post-modifier When modifiers appear before the head are called Pre- Modifier, and while modifiers appear after the head …

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Pronoun References and Modifiers for HSC 2017

Pronoun References and Modifiers for HSC 2017                                           Set A: Identify the unclear pronoun references in the following paragraph. Where necessary, rewrite the sentences so that all pronoun references are clear:                                                        1×5×3=15 1. One day a cowboy was tending their cows in the field. Many wolves lived in the forest. The cowboy would often cry …

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Grammertical Term

A Active verb: The subject does the action of the verb: Subject verb object e.g. The boy hit the ball. Adjective: A word that modifies a noun (someone or something). e.g. The little boy hit the big, blue, ball. Adjective clause: A dependent clause that modifies (describes) a noun. Another name is a relative clause. …

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