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Dec 02

A Dialogue on Early Rising

A dialogue between two friends about early rising. Friend :Hi friend, How are you? Myself :I am fine and you? Friend :I am also fine. Myself :Why are you here so early?

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Oct 25

A Dialogue about the importance of early rising

A dialogue between two friends about the importance of early rising.   Asif    :  I have heard that you get up early in the morning and walk                      for quite a long time. Arup  :  Yes. I always get up minimum one hour before the sunrise and go                for morning walk. Asif    : What’s the benefit of early rising?

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Jul 28

A paragraph about ‘Early rising’

                     Early Rising          Early rising is the habit of getting up from bed in the morning. It is a good habit . It is good for health. The man who rises early in the morning can take fresh air, exercise or walk …

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Feb 19

Paragraph on Early Rising

                               Early Rising There is a proverb in English that, “Early to bed early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.”  Early rising is the habit of getting up early in the morning from bed. If we wish to …

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