Exercise of Articles


That night (a) — Calipha Harun-ar-Rashid went out into (b) — streets and alley-ways of Baghdad in quest of (c) — new adventures. Disguised in (d) — merchant’s attire, he was accompanied by Jafor and others. It so happened that as they were roaming about (e) — city, they passed by (f) — house of (g) — three girls and heard (h) — sound of (i) — music and voices singing, Al-Rashid said to Jafor, “Would that we could enter this house so that we may listen to (j) — singers and find out who they are?” Continue reading

Rules of Articles

 One > an > a : এক = একটি = একজন

This/that > the : টি = টা = খানা = খানি

Where they are used:

a/ an Or the + singular countable noun : a hat, the hat

the Or zero + plural countable : the hats, hats

the Or zero + uncountable : the water, water

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  1. DHAKA BOARD-2009

A brilliant student is (a) — asset. One day he may be (b) — engineer or (c) — M. B. B. S doctor. He makes (d) — best use of his time. He makes a proper division of his time and does’ his duties accordingly. He knows that youth is (e) — golden period of (f) — life. He has (g) — aim in life. He knows that (h) — life without (i) — aim is like (j) — ship without a rudder.

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Model Test for Class Seven

1. Change the sentences according to the direction                                                                                  05

  1. Mother said to her son, “Do you complete your work?”
  2. The teacher said to the students, “Always speak the truth.”
  3. “Did you play football yesterday?” John said to Jahid.
  4. He said, “How beautiful the birds sing!” Continue reading

Exercise on Articles


1. Use articles where necessary. Put a cross (x) mark where an article is not needed:

Tea is a drink. It is also (a) ———– refreshing drink. The preparation of tea is a long but (b) ———-interesting process, (c) ———-water is first boiled in (d)——-— kettle and (e)———-desired quantity of (f) ———- tea dust is put in it. After (g)———–   few minutes (h) ———– boiled   leaves are separated (i) ———– liquor. Then the liquor is poured into (j) ———–cup and some milk and sugar are mixed with it. Continue reading