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Mahbub Murad

Synonym from Aladin and the Wonderful Lamp (Part 02)

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Lesson: 38, Aladin and the Wonderful Lamp (Part 02)

Main Word Similar Word
Magician Performer, entertainer, prestidigitator, conjuror
Plan Idea, proposal, strategy, design
Narrow Thin, slim, slight
Valley Gorge, vale, dell, basin
Gather Collect, save, fold
Stick Staff, rod, branch, baton
Flame Spark, flash, blaze
Arise Rise, ascend, get up
Put Place, position, set, situate
Stone Pebble, rock, grit, nugget
Brass Nerve
Hold Catch, embrace, clamp   
Lift Boost, high, kick
Staircase Stairway, stair
Leading Principal, principal, important
Vase Jug, pot, container, bottle
Touch Bit, hint, hint
Ahead Forward, fast, onward
Bring Transport, carry, fetch, take, convey, get, pass 
Hang Suspend, fall, droop
Cave Hollow, cavity
Wait Pause, interval, delay, time lag
Pull Jerk, appeal, twitch
Angry Annoyed, irritated, irate, heated


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