Oct 02

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Substitution: Substitution is another cohesive device. When a word is applied in spite of another large word, it is considered as substitution.

 There are three types of substitutions. a. Nominal Substitution b. Verbal Substitution and c. Clausal Substitution

Nominal Substitution: Example, This knife is blunt. Give me a sharper one. Here, one is the substitution. It has come in spite of knife and it is nominal substitution.    

Verbal Substitution: Example, Have the children completed their all activities. I think they must have done. In the second sentence ‘done’ indicates complete. So it is verbal substitution.   

Clausal Substitution: Example, Example, Are you going to Dhaka tomorrow? If so, we can travel together. The word ‘so’ is a clausal substitution because it indicates that if they are going to Dhaka they will go together.  

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