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Part –A : Grammar

1.Fill in the blanks with the words from the box. You may need to change the forms of some of the words . You may use one word more than once . 0.5×10=5

with at a bread dislike
responsible to of privilege in

We live in society . So, we must learn how to live (a)…peace and amity (b)…..others. We have to respect other`s rights and c)..…. and liking and d)……as we expect others to respect us. We have (e)……lot of duties and (f)……in society . Education should aim (g)….making each individual fully aware (h)….these duties and responsibilities. It is true that one has (i)……learn how to earn the (j)…….

2. Fill in the blanks with suitable words. 0.5×10=5
Illiteracy is not ( a)….boon to us. It is undoubtedly a (b)…… It hinders all kinds ( c) … development of a country . Illiteracy cause great (d)…. to us . Since we are not (e)…..of gravity of the the problems , we can not take steps to increase our (f)….rate. As a result , we are (g)….. behind . We have to depend ( h)…… the foreign aids . So, all should come forward (i)……. to remove illiteracy . Then , the j)…… of our country will be possible .

3. Make five sentences using parts of sentences from each column of the table below . 1×5=5

Copying in the
examination Copy as hateful as copying in the examination
It is in the exam deceive themselves
The students who cannot a social crime .
Nothing hinders bring any benefinit.
our education and development.

4. Complete the following text with right form of the verbs given below in the boxes. 0.5×10=5
Build Idle remember be Work
lag reach depend lead follow

Bangladesh is full of natural resources . The prosperity of the country (a) …..on the proper utilization of the resources . We should not ( b) ……a lazy life . We should all (c) …..up our country . For this reasons , we have to (d)_……hard . No nation can prosper without industry . It should be (e)…….that industry is the key to success. If we (f)…….the days away , we (g)…..behind . The nations that (h)…….industrious ( i)…….the pinnacle of development . So, we j)…….them .
5. Change the narrative style of the following text. 5
“What’s your programme after the examination ?” asked Hira. Mira said , “I have not decided . Can you suggest any ?” “Let us go on a picnic ,” said Hira. “What an excellent idea it is!” said Mira.
6. Change the sentences according to directions . 1×10=10
(a) William Wordsworth is one of the best well-known poets in English literacy . (positive)
(b) The bird is very beautiful . (exclamatory )
(c) People hate a corrupted man (passive)
d) A corruted man leads a very unhappy life . (exclamatory)
e) Nobody respects him (interrogative)
f) He is honest (negative)
g)Because of his honesty, people respect him . (complex)
h) Inspite of not doing well in the exam, he passed (compound)
i)By working hard, you can prosper . (complex)
j)Because of experience he got the job . (complex)

7. Complete the sentences . 1X5=5
a) If you come , ………..
b) If you came , ………..
c) Smoking is a habit which ………
d. People can not give up smoking easily because ………..
e) If you smoke, ………

8. complete the text adding suffixes, prefixes or the both with the root words given in the parenthesis . . 0.5X10=5
Those who live (a)…….(luxury) life are always (b) ……(different ) to the miseries of the poor . They enjoy life in (c)…….(amuse ) and (d)……(merry). They are (e)…….(centered ) people . They have little ( f)……..(realize) of the (g)……..(bounded ) suffering of the poor . They remain indifferent to their (h)….(suffer). They feel (i)……..(comfort) to work for their (j)…..(better).
9. Make tag question of these statement . 1×5=5
a) I am a student , ……….?
b) Let’s go , …..?
c) Everybody hates him , …..?
d) Telling lies is a great sin ,……….?
e. Water is life , ……….?

10. Complete the passage using suitable connectors . 1×5=5
Honesty is a divine virtue. The man (a)…….posssesses this quality is the happiest person in the world . To be honest , man should have trustworthiness (b) ……nobody trust a liar . c)….., Allah helps the honest people . d)……. Children should be taught honesty from the very beginning of life. e)……they should be taught discipline.

11. Use capitals and punctuation marks where necessary in the following text. 1×5=5
who are jolly those who have sound health are jolly sound mind lies in sound body minds become jolly when our life is filled with pleasure

Part –B: Composition (Marks-40)
12. Suppose , you are moni/monika . You have found a job advertisement in a national newspaper that there is a vacancy post for the position of a writer in lecture publications company ltd. Now write a cv with a cover letter for the post . Your cv should not exceed one page . 8

13. suppose , you are pappu/papaya. You read in takpara ideal school . your father is a poor farmer . he is not able to continue your educational expenses. Now write an application to the headmaster of your school praying for a full –free studentship. 10
14. Write a paragraph on “A rickshawpuller .” 10
15. Write a composition on “computer” 12

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