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Similar Words From Chapter 02 (Class Six)

                                                    Chapter Two

                                               Going to a New School


Main Words Similar Words
Move (n, v) Change, transfer, exchange, travel, pass.
City (n) Urban, town, municipal, metropolitan, capital.
Form (n) Method, system, formula, custom, procedure.
Teacher (n) Educator, tutor, instructor, coach, trainer.
Student (n) Scholar, pupil, learner, schoolboy, schoolgirl.
Collect (v) Gather, save, purchase, accumulate.
Similar (adj) Same, like, resembling, alike, parallel.
Difficult (adj) Hard, tough, problematic, solid, complex.
Reach (n, v) Arrive, land, range, touch.
Leave (v) Go, depart, give up, forsake.
Find (n, v) Get, have, receive, derive, invention, discovery.
Direction (n) Instruction, way, track, route, path.
Walk (v) Step, foot, move, go, run, continue.
Feel (v) Realize, access, think, imagine, regard.
Embarrassed (adj) Confused, ashamed, nervous, scared, stupid.
Finally (adv) At last, in fine, ultimately, in the end.
Decide (v) Elect, select, choose, correct, agree, consider.
Ultimately (adv) Eventually, finally, at last.
Almost (adv) Nearly, most, even, near.
Finish (n, v) Last, end, conclusion, complete, terminate.
Begin (v) Start, originate, activate, create, add, join.
Fast (n, adj, v, adv) Fasting, starvation, quick, speedy, rapid, swift, starve, frequently, repeatedly.
Loud (adj) Excessive, strong, sharp, forceful,
Try (n, v) Attempt, effort, test, examine, review.


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  1. riyadh

    ভাই আপনার কাছে কি ক্লাস সিক্স এর কোন মডেল প্রশ্ন আছে? থাকলে শেয়ার করেন। উপকৃত হব।

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