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Similar Words From Chapter 01 (Class Six)

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Chapter 01

Where are you from?


Main Word Similar Word
Natural (Adj) Common, normal, habitual, ordinal, usual, standard.
Meet (Verb) Encounter, face, see, greet, welcome, observe, satisfy.
Continue (Verb) Carry on, go on, sustain, restart, maintain, resume.
Conversation (Noun) Dialogue, chat, discussion, discourse, talk, gossip,
Further (Adj) Additional, extra, another, other, more, new, auxiliary.
Want (Noun) Demand, need, wish, requirement, lack, poverty.
Know (Verb) Distinguish, recognize, understand, realize, learn, identity.
Situation (Noun) Area, locality, place, position, site, spot, post, job.
Listen (Verb) Concentrate, attend, hear, pay attention, overhear.
Go (Verb) Advance, depart, embark, get away, leave, get out, run, travel, walk.
Practice (Verb) Train, do exercise, prepare, apply, carry out, perform, engage.
Friend (Noun) Companion, associate, partner, supporter.
Introduce (Verb) Add, make known, present, preface, advance.
Noise (Noun) Clatter, discord, bawling, sound, shouting.
Captain (Noun) Monitor, leader, boss, chief, head.
Passenger (Noun) Commuter, rider, traveller, voyager.
Annual (Adj) Final, last, yearly, twelve-monthly.
Transfer (verb) Bring, carry, hand over, change, move, removed, transport, deliver, displace.
Architect (Noun) Designer, planner, builder, engineer.
Design (Noun) Project, plan, style, policy, proposal, pattern.
Outskirts Borders, edge, margin, outer area, suburbs.
Mother (Noun) Ma, mammy, mom, mum, mummy, parent.
Watch (Verb) Look, observe, concentrate, notice, see.
Read (Verb) Recite, speak, deliver, declaim.
Cry (Verb) Shout, scream, yelp, bellow, exclamation.
Top (Adj) Height, maximum, upper, topmost.
Voice (Noun) Opinion, speech, expression, say, utterance.
Understand (Verb) Realize, think, recognize, appreciate, cognize.
Issue (Noun) Subject, matter, topic, concern, production.
Difference (Noun) Change, alteration, dissimilarity, variance.
Speaker (Noun) Narrator, utterer, chatterer, reciter, lecturer, talker, presenter.
Obviously (Adv) Clearly, visibly, noticeably, understandably.
Profession (Noun) Occupation, job, career, living, work, business.
Refer (Verb) Mention, denote, raise, state, discuss.
Below (Adj) Under, beneath, lower, less, underneath.
Answer (N, Verb) Reply, response, reaction, solution.
Patient (Noun) Tolerant, longsuffering.
Student (Noun) Scholar, pupil, learner, schoolchild.
Pilot (Noun) Aviator, flier, experimental.
Doctor (Noun) Surgeon, registrar, consultant, physician, specialist, clinician, medic.
Lawyer (Noun) Barrister, solicitor, notary, attorney.


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