Oct 24

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Rules of Changing Degree

                        Rules of Changing Degree


Positive Comparative Superlative
No other (s) Than any other (s) The (s/p)
Very few (p) Than most other (p) One of the (p)
No other (s) Than all other (p) The —- of all.


1. Positive: No other boy in the orphanage is as small as Jerry.

2. Positive: No other wealth of a man is as great as health.

3. Positive: No other form of entertainment is as popular as television.

4. Superlative: The Padma is the longest river in Bangladesh.

5. Superlative: English is one of the richest of all languages in the world.

6. Comparative: Very few metals are so precious as gold.

7. Comparative: Jim and Rima were not less wise than Mim.

8. Superlative: Mutton chop was the cheapest of all dishes on the menu.

9. Superlative: Iron is one of the most useful metals.

10. Positive: Very few foods are so useful as rice.

11. Superlative: Computer is one of the greatest inventions of modern science.

12. Positive: No other boy in the orphanage is as small as Jerry.

13. Comparative: Health is greater than any other wealth of a man.

14. Comparative: The cow is more useful than most other animals.

15. Positive: Very few cities in Bangladesh are as large as Chittagong.

16. Superlative: Dhaka is the oldest town in Bangladesh.

17.  Comparative: Peter is cleverer than any other boy in the class.
18. Superlative: Jupiter is the biggest of all planets.
19. Positive: Very few boys are as industrious as John.
20. Superlative: India is the largest democracy in the world





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  1. Ashfaq Alve

    Thanks for giving me these rules,I can now be more sure about transformation.

  2. Ashfaq Alve

    I can now be more sure about transformation.

  3. Minhajul_pranto

    Ohhhhh. . Thank god for using this side

  4. Abir

    Tnx….for the rules….

  5. Vishwajit

    Thank u sir

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