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Practice on Voice Change

Change the voices from active to passive and passive to active

  1. Pluck me a flower.
  2. His behavior surprised me.
  3. The novels of Md. Jafor Iqbal interested me.
  4. Newspaper contains daily news.
  5. Who knows you here?
  6. Smoke filled the room.
  7. Honesty is the best policy.
  8. Rice is mainly eaten in Asia.
  9. Let it.
  10. We don’t have time to waste.
  11. We know that Cook discovered Australia.
  12. Who knows what will happen tomorrow?
  13. What is lotted cannot be blotted.
  14. We know that the earth is round.
  15. He decided to leave the job.
  16. He agreed to sell the shop.
  17. I want to see the launching of the sheep.
  18. Our school was established in 1969.
  19. He wants me to take photographs.
  20. We ought to respect our parents.
  21. He wants me to hang the picture.
  22. I came by a pen.
  23. Do not look down upon the poor.
  24. The teacher pleased the students.
  25. But me no but.
  26. His stupidity vexed me.
  27. Panic seized me.
  28. Circumstance compelled me to do this.
  29. One should take care of one’s health.
  30. He annoyed me.
  31. The beauty of the girl marveled me.
  32. His behavior surprised me.
  33. His performance satisfied the teachers.
  34. Important materials are contained in the parcel.
  35. His father’s death shocked him.
  36. They laughed at the old man.
  37. I know that he did the work.
  38. He told me that he had done the work.
  39. People say that Hazi Muhammad Mohsen was a great man.
  40. Police arrested five people and fined one.
  41. We are taught English.
  42. I find him reading a book.
  43. Whom has he beaten?
  44. Who is calling me?
  45. Who has broken the chair?
  46. Whom did you see on the road?
  47. Whom is he teaching English?
  48. What has he done?
  49. The earth is round.
  50. I am going to write the last voice change.


                        Answers of the voice change

  1. Let a flower be plucked for me.
  2. I am surprised with his behavior.
  3. I was interested in the novels of Md. Jafor Iqbal.
  4. Daily news is contained in Newspaper.
  5. To whom are you known here?
  6. The room was filled with smoke.
  7. It is said that honesty is the best policy.
  8. In Asia, people mainly eat rice.
  9. Let it be let.
  10. We don’t have time to be wasted.
  11. It is known to us that Australia was discovered by Cook.
  12. To whom it is known what will happen tomorrow?
  13. It is thought that what is lotted cannot be blotted.
  14. It is known to us that the earth is round.
  15. He decided that the job should be left.
  16. He agreed that the shop should be sold.
  17. It is wanted by me to see the launching of the sheep.
  18. My grandfather established our school in 1969.
  19. He wants photographs to be taken by me.
  20. Our parents ought to be respected by us.
  21. He wants the picture to be hung by me.
  22. A pen was come by me.
  23. Let not the poor be looked down upon.
  24. The students were pleased with teacher.
  25. You are advised/ requested/ ordered to but me no but.
  26. I was vexed with his stupidity.
  27. I was seized with Panic.
  28. I was compelled with circumstance to do this.
  29. Health should be taken care.
  30. I was annoyed with him.
  31. I was marveled with the beauty of the girl.
  32. I was surprised at his behavior.
  33. The teachers were satisfied with his performance.
  34. The parcel contains important materials.
  35. He was shocked at his father’s death.
  36. The old man was laughed at by them.
  37. It is known to me that the work was done by him.
  38. It was told to me that the work had been done by him.
  39. It is said by the people that Hazi Muhammad Mohsen was a great man.
  40. Five people were arrested and one was fined by the police.
  41. Our English teacher teaches us English.
  42. He is found to read a book.
  43. Who has been beaten by him?
  44. By whom am I being called?
  45. By whom has the chair been broken?
  46. Who was seen on the road by you?
  47. Who is being taught English by him?
  48. What has been done by him?
  49. It is thought that the earth is round.
  50. The last voice change is going to be written by me. 


Note: At the time of passive form, we have to add with after please, surprise, satisfy, annoy, vexed etc. at the time of person but at when it is object. 

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