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Paragraph on The Life of a Farmer

The Life of a Farmer

A man who works in his fields or other people’s fields for leading his life and family is called farmer. Generally he lives in a tinny house in the village. He also lives from hand to mouth. He has a small hut of his own or he lives another people house. He is a laborious and strong bodied man. He shifts his labor to others for earning or leading of his life. Every day he gets up early in the morning. Then he takes his birth and takes some stale rice or breakfast with stale carry or some vegetables. After completing his meal he goes to his field to grow crops and plants. Though he has no field of his own he works others field like his own and grows much crop. Several times he works from morning to afternoon in the field. Sometimes he works morning to midnight if he cannot complete his daily work or he has much work.  He gets his wages at the end of his work or at the end of the day. Then he goes to market to buy his daily goods and he returns home. Usually he wears old and dirty cloths. He has no power to buy new clothes for him and his family members. The income of a farmer is not too high to continue his life comfortably and happily. His life is full of sorrow and suffering. When he finds no work at that time he and his family pass their time without eating. He lives below poverty line. He looks older than his age. When he is unable to feed his family members properly at that time his wife is bound to work in other houses or institutions as a house made. He and his family lead a sorrowful and miserable life. He has no ambitious and hope. He wants to eat and feed his family normally. As a result they suffer a lot from nutrition and a lot of dieses. He is unable to educate his children due to acute poverty and for his illiterate. In spite of his unhappy life he feels happy because he leads an honest life.



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  1. rabbi

    best paragraph writing ever ☺☺

  2. sabab

    piece of shit cant even write a paragraph

  3. Mahfuz

    Nice the paragraphs it is!

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