Mar 06

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Paragraph on Food Pyramid

                                   Food Pyramid

Food pyramid is a chart to show the five groups of foods. There are different types of foods, which we usually take, in each group. The chart also tells us how much of each group of food we should eat. If we observe at the base or the bottom of the pyramid we will find different types of foods; like breads, cereals, rice, noodles, potatoes, etc. These types if foods are very helpful and healthy. So, we should eat plenty of these foods. Then in the next group we can see some fresh fruits and vegetables. We must eat them regularly. As we go up the pyramid, we find dairy products like milk, cheese, yogurt and meat, fish, beans, nuts and eggs. We should eat these food items moderately because they are important for health but we don’t need too much of them. And at the top we have fats, oils, sweets, etc. and we should eat very little of these foods because they are unhealthy.

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