Apr 15

A Dialogue about the Creative Method of Education

A dialogue between my friend and my about the creative method of education


Myself                   :         Hello! Sami How are  you?

Sami                     :         I am fine . What’s about you?

Myself                   :         I am, also fine. Can I know your opinions about the newly

introduced creative method of education.

Sami                     :         Yes, It is a great problem for us because it is very difficult than

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Apr 09

A letter about spending the winter vacation

Write a letter to your friend asking him to spend the winter vacation.

35 B, Bashabo

Dhaka 1214
Date:26 March ,2016
Dear Joy,

How are you? I’m fine here. How are your studies going on? I got your letter yesterday from your letter I have learned that this year you are going to have long winter vacations. My winter vacation is also for ten

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Apr 08

a letter about condolation for bad result in the examination


A latter to your friend condoling him for bad result in the first terminal examination.


13/c New Garden


17 May 2015

Dear Jamal,


I am really surprised at the news of your failure in the half-yearly examination in this year. I wonder how it came about. You had never failed before in any examination. However, past is past. Read the rest of this entry »

Apr 07

A Dialogue about good effects of morning walk

A dialogue between two friends about good effects of morning walk.


Asif     : Good morning, how are you?

Arup    : Good morning. I am fine. What’s about you?  

Asif    : I am also fine. I have heard that you get up early in the morning and walk       

              for quite a long time. Read the rest of this entry »

Apr 06

A Proposal to Develop Classroom Environment in a College

A proposal to develop classroom environment



I am writing to propose a solution to a problem in my classroom. The problem is that the environment of my classroom is not good enough for both of the students and the teachers. I recommend you that you order new desks, chairs, lighting, projector and AC. I hope that you will approve this proposal and get the objects ordered this week. Ordering the instruments will increase my students’ concentration, skill and improve their grades. Read the rest of this entry »

Mar 05

A Paragraph about The Life of a Garment Worker

The Life of a Garment Worker 

A garment worker passes a very busy day. She has no time to stand and stare. The amount of money she earns a day enables her only to keep her body and soul together. A garment worker has to get up early in the morning because she must arrive at the factory in time. After having her breakfast she sets out for her factory where she works. Often she goes to the factory on foot. Before 8 am she has to enter her

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Mar 05

A dialogue between a sells man and a customer

A dialogue between a sells man and a customer.


Salesman      : Good morning, Sir. How can I help you?

Customer     : Good morning, l would like to buy a shirt and a tie.

Salesman      : Here are they.

Customer     : Thanks.  Let me have a sight at them.

Salesman      : I think they suit you well. Read the rest of this entry »

Mar 05


Problem of Persons


without – object second person = first person or third person
RV: subject (1st person) + verb + (no object) second person = third person



Direct Narration Indirect Narration
1. He said, “You are an idiot, Suresh.”

= He said to Suresh, “You are an idiot.”

He told Suresh that he (Suresh) was an idiot.
2. He said, “You are telling a lie, Leela.”

= He said to Leela, “You are telling a lie.”

He told Leela that she (Leela) was telling a lie.
3. He said, “Where are you going, mother?”

= He said to mother, “Where are you going?”

He asked mother where she was going.
4. He said, “Don’t make a noise.”

= He said to me/him/her, “Don’t make a noise.”

He asked me/him/her not to make a noise.
5. He said, “Bring a chair.”

He said to me/him/her, “Bring a chair.”

He ordered me/him/her to bring a chair.
6. He said, “How are you?”

He said to me/him/her, “How are you?”

He asked me/him/her how I/he/she was.
7. He said, “Open the gate.”

He said to me/him/her/us/them, “Open the gate.”

He told me/him/her/us/them to open the gate.
1. He said, “Congratulations!” He congratulated me.
2. She said, “Liar!” She called me a liar.

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Mar 05

Exercise of Articles


That night (a) — Calipha Harun-ar-Rashid went out into (b) — streets and alley-ways of Baghdad in quest of (c) — new adventures. Disguised in (d) — merchant’s attire, he was accompanied by Jafor and others. It so happened that as they were roaming about (e) — city, they passed by (f) — house of (g) — three girls and heard (h) — sound of (i) — music and voices singing, Al-Rashid said to Jafor, “Would that we could enter this house so that we may listen to (j) — singers and find out who they are?” Read the rest of this entry »

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