Vocabulary Text (Set 01)

 Classes 11 and 12

1. Inspire, take, control, paralyses, earn, try, gallop.

 Price of essentials is such a crucial factor that it directly (a) —- the life and living of the majority people. The measures so far (b) —- by the government (c) —- appreciation from the people. But it is being replaced by despair as the majority of the people have been (d) —- under the crushing burden of (e) —-  prices.

2. source, manpower, explore, Provide, concern, employment, independence, recreation, necessary, different, Across , dense, Solution, unemployment.  

Bangladesh is a (a) — populated country, but a large number of her people are (b) —. It is not possible for her to ensure (c) — to the Continue reading

Aladin and The Magic Lamp (Part- 01)

Read the Passage With Great Care and Answe all the Questions:

Once there was a young boy called Aladin. He lived with his mother in a rich city of China. His father was a poor tailor. He died when Aladin was a child. His mother had to spin cotton to support the family.

One day Aladin was playing in the street. All of a sudden, a stranger came. He said to Aladin, “My boy, are you the son of Mustafa, the tailor?”

Aladin said, “Yes, sir, but my father is dead.”

At this tears came into the man’s eyes. Continue reading

Aladin and The Magic Lamp (Part 03)

Time: 50 Minutes                                                                                                                              Marks: 50

 Aladin was alone. It was dark inside the cave. He called the magician. There was no answer. Aladin was afraid. He began to pray. He rubbed the ring. At once a genie came and said, ‘I am the slave of the ring. I will obey you. What do you want?’ Aladin was trembling to see the genie. But he said, ‘Take me out.’ At once he was outside the cave. He came back home. Aladin was very hungry. But there was no food in the house.

Aladin asked his mother to sell the lamp. The lamp was dusty. So she began to rub it. At once another big genie was there. Continue reading


Generally Elizabethan Period is considered as 1558-1603. The most famous play writers of this era were Edmund Spenser, Sir Philip Sidney, and William Shakespeare. After the religious convulsions of half a century time was required for the development of the internal quiet and confidence from which a great literature could spring. At length, however, the hour grew ripe and there came the greatest outburst of creative energy in the whole history of English literature. Under Elizabeth’s wise guidance the prosperity and enthusiasm of the nation had raised to the highest pitch and London in particular was overflowing with vigorous life. Continue reading

Oedipus is the Tragic Hero

Q. Discuss king Oedipus is the tragic hero in Sophocles’ Oedipus Rex.

 It is well known to us that, Oedipus Rex is considered as one of the best creations of Sophocles where the king Oedipus is the protagonist and he is also considered as the tragic hero.

 According to the definition of Aristotle, “A tragic hero is a distinguished person, having a high status in life, who is neither entirely good nor superior nor entirely bad.

He is led by some tragic flow or hamartia. For his misfortune he will suffer a lot and receive a tragic death at the end of the play.”  Continue reading

The Role of Fate in Sophocles’ King Oedipus Rex

 Discuss about The Role of Fate in King Sophocles’ Oedipus Rex

  Oedipus Rex is one of the greatest creations of Sophocles where king Oedipus is the protagonist who is the victim of his own fate. Generally, fate is one of the opposition elements of the play which is influenced by one’s own action but ultimately is dictated by events beyond anybody’s control.

     Oedipus is the son of king Laius and queen Jocasta. They hear from an astrologer that, Oedipus will kill his father and marry his mother. Continue reading