Mar 01

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My Reading Room

                         My Reading Room

The room which is used for reading is called a reading room. Since I am a student, I have a separate reading room of my own. It is on the ground floor of our residential building. It is twelve feet long and ten feet wide. It faces to the south. There is a garden in front of my reading room. So, I always get the sweet smell of blooming flowers.  There are two doors and two spacious windows. So, sunlight comes easily into my reading room. There are a table, a chair and a nice book shelf in my reading room and there is also a table clock on the table and the books are nicely arranged. I keep a desk diary to maintain my daily routine and it helps me to keep my reading room neat and clean. My reading room offers a fine show. I do not allow anyone to create disturbance in my reading room. I always feel proud of my reading room.  

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