Apr 22

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My Favorite Food

My Favorite Food

     Food is very important for our body because we cannot live without it. We should eat nutritious food. It must contain natural elements that our body needs to grow properly.

     My favorite food is custard. It is very easy to prepare. I can prepare it myself. Often I have it in the evening. We need to drink milk everyday. Milk is rich in calcium. It’s good for our healthy growth. It makes our bones and teeth strong.

    We must eat fruits. They contain a lot of vitamins and minerals. They keep our body free from dieses. They are also good for our skin and health. In order to make custard, we need milk and some kinds of fruits, such as Mango, Banana, Apple etc,

    So, Custard is very delicious as well as nutritious. I like to take it very much

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  1. mansha sharma

    nyc paragraph write mre like this

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