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Mahbub Murad

My Experience of a Great Day

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My Experience of a Great Day


Everybody has a great day in his life, and it may be interesting. In my life I have also a great day and it happened in the last January.

 From our school I went to a scout jamboree in Srimongal. From Sylhet we went there by train. We were ten members in our team. The programme was for two days. We had two teachers with us.

 The first day started with cleaning. In the morning, we cleaned our camp area, arranged the tent and then prepared our breakfast. After break fast, we took part in a march past and display. Then our senior brothers prepared our lunch.

 In afternoon, we had a scout class from 2 to 4 pm and in the evening, we enjoyed a cultural program. Our team performed a small play and it was great fun. At night, we slept in the tent.

 The next day we went different places of Sylhet. We were very happy to see the forest, the tea gardens, and the rubber gardens and so many mountains.  

 Our program ended with a bonfire and the scout oath. We were away from our family for two days but we had great experience.    

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