Aug 28

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My True Love

         Love is a beautiful thing! It does not matter who or what you love, if you love it, it’s beautiful. What do I love? I love my life, because even though I go through hard times, this is the life God gave to me and I have to make the best of the good and the bad. “Love; is it a gift or a curse? Many people say, love does not exist! Love is a sorrow! Love is fake! Love is made up of people, and love just makes people hurt!” But what love really is? I’m not a god to answer this question, and I’m also not a philosopher to know the ideology behind the emotion called love; but the one thing I know is that LOVE is true and divine. I imagine, every person has different feelings about love. There is always explanation about the feelings of love. My love is always getting me mental peace, sound mental image. Some times it gets the pain. Some times I feel disappointed for my love. My love is life. I have lots of remembrance about my love. The memory of love is very much valuable to me, because all the feeling which is related to the love is my personal thing. I don’t want to kill my love, though I have already lost it. The voice of Rabindranath always console to me. He told in his book that “Tomai noton korea paboo bolea, harii barae barea.”(Very frequently I lost you for getting you newly) She comes in my life with a new dream. With the turbulence of storm, with pinching of every surroundings, with the loud voice, for sharing every thing. I wanted to spend my entire life with her. But she left me quietly for someone else. She left me without making any sound. Will she ever come back to my life? No, I don’t think so. She is not mine anymore. I don’t know whose fault it is! I don’t want to say that it is her fault, or maybe its mine. When she used to keep in touch with me or spent time with me, love was there. It was wonderful to be in love. Some times I wonder what I have done. Why me? Why did she leave me? Some other times I wondered may be I should have never fall in love. But now it’s too late. She is not with me anymore, so there is no love. Should I keep in touch with her? Should I call her or try to make contact. Just to hear his voice. May be we can work it out. Is it right to keep in touch with EX. Should I still be her friend – just friend. How do I deal with that? After all she was my love. I had lots of dream surrounding her. How can I forget those wonderful moments of my life? My beautiful memories. I know I don’t forget her or I don’t want to destroy my love, because I am too much honest about my love. By being consideration of every thing I want to sustain my love within myself. I don’t care at all that she doesn’t recognize my love anymore. However, I love her still now, I believe my love is true and someday she will come back in my life. I know that might never happen. But what can I do. Every moment her face is floating in my eyes. Every moment I feel her, think of her and I dream her.

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Hamidur Rahman Palash


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  1. Mahir

    Your title should be given My True Love. Nice! Who is the girl? Is she dishonest or does she make any mistake with u?
    Your thinking is excellent! The beginning of the story is so sweet and enjoyable.
    Thanks again for your creation.

    1. Hamidur Rahman Palash

      I have changed my title. I imagine, you have read the blog carefully & deeply. She is my only dream. No, she is innocent girl. I always respect her.

      Thanks alot for your redical comment.

      1. Mahir

        Do u tell me where is she now and what are she doing? Is she married?

  2. Radown

    Just now I have visited your posting and enjoyed it. Please produce more and share with us.

    1. Hamidur Rahman Palash

      Thank you very much.

  3. A Rahman

    Waw Excellent theme and thinking! Go ahead!

    1. Hamidur Rahman Palash

      Thanks a lot.

  4. M. Murad

    Hi man! You have created an enjoyable creation. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hamidur Rahman Palash

      Thanks so much for your nice comment.

  5. Mahbub Murad

    Weldon man!

  6. Hamidur Rahman Palash

    Many many thanks.

  7. Nilufar Yeasmin

    Good initiative! However, it was worth reading!

  8. Mohtasim

    Many many Thank’s …(~_~_~)

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