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Model Test on Pronoun

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Marks-40 Time-30 minutes
Directions: Fill in the blanks with the appropriate pronoun case.

1. Be sure that everyone brings ____________ own book.
2. If anyone calls, tell ____________ that I’ll be back in half an hour.
3. Joe and ____________ have been close friends for many years.
4. Did you see Derek and ____________ at the game?
5. Between you and ____________ , this politician cannot be trusted.
6. Each person in the room turned ____________ head to the front when the teacher entered.
7. We know that we can count on James, Anne, and ____________ .
8. Rhonda explained that ____________ and her sister had often eaten at that restaurant.
9. Most of the workers were wearing ____________ hard hats.
10. It’s always best for a student to ask questions when ____________ doesn’t understand a problem.
11. The children in that neighborhood often ride ____________ bikes through the park.
12. The local government plans to cut ____________ budget for recreation.
13. When I meet new people, I’m usually curious about ____________ occupations.
14. Everyone who purchased one of the paintings ____________ pleased.
15. Few of the suggestions ____________ reasonable to me.
16. Christopher and ____________ want to travel to the Far East some day. I ME
17. The cost of the repairs shocked both my brother and ____________ .
18. Most of the congestion on the highway ____________ caused by an overturned truck.
19. To Maria and ____________ , the movie seemed very silly.
20. Both of the bicycles in the garage ____________ broken.
21. Maria finished the 100-item geology exam in ten minutes. I envied my friend’s intelligence and wished to be as smart as _________
A. she B. her C. herself
2 2. So that we don’t have to flash our wet armpits at the other passengers, __________ hope to find a seat on the bus.
A. Shawn and I B. Shawn and me
2 3. Cameron finds his English class especially boring, so __________ have an agreement. If Cameron falls asleep, Jacob has permission to poke his buddy’s thigh with a sharp pencil.
A. he and Jacob B. Jacob and him
24.I’ve shown you my A+ essay; now let’s see __________.
A. your’s B. yours’ C. yours
2 5. We thought Dr. Grayson would blow a blood vessel yelling at Mario, who walked into class 45 minutes late. It was __________ who saved us from her exhausting lecture about the French Revolution.
A. he B. him C. himself
26. Don’t carry the puppies up to the second floor! Let them learn to climb the stairs __________.
A. theirself B.theirselves C. themself D. themselves
2 7. We doubt that Samuel will attain his dream of becoming a world champion because he keeps knocking __________ unconscious with his yo-yo.
A. hisself B. his self C. himself
2 8. Just between you and __________, this algebra class is snore city; let’s slip our while Mr. Williams is solving an equation with his back turned.
A. I B. me
29. Frank constantly picks his nose, and Jack never washes his hand. Since they both attended the potluck, we asked which dishes were __________.
A. theirs B. their’s C. theirs’
30. Jeremy fell asleep on the TV room sofa where __________ snoring distracted us from the golf championship.
A. him B. his
31. Desmond and I prefer the back of the yoga studio; we are not yet good enough to enjoy watching __________ in the floor length mirrors at the front.
A. ourself B. our self C. ourselves
32. Jessica scowls at Mr. Henderson, her arms folded across her chest; __________, however, smile and pretend to take notes because we understand that our body language might influence Mr. Henderson’s attitude toward our essays.
A. Yolanda and I B. me and Yolanda C. Yolanda and myself
33. When Mrs. Olson found Buster the Labrador retriever digging up her flowers, she used her shovel to give __________ a piece of her mind.

A. he and his owner B. his owner and him
34. Preston ran the 100-meter dash so fast that the coaches smiled at the stop watch. I admired my friend’s speed but hoped that I was even faster than __________.
A. he B. him C. himself
35. When the lights came on after the movie, Mom discovered that __________ had “decorated” Grandpa’s wild hair with popcorn kernels.
A. my little brother and I B. my little brother and me C. my little brother and myself
36. Professor Warren congratulated __________ students on bombing the calculus exam more horribly than any class he had ever taught.
A. we B. us
37. Look at the blue frosting under Wendy’s nail! It was __________ who dragged her finger across the top of Grandma’s birthday cake!
A. she B. her
38. Natalie is a vegetarian, so perhaps the banana left under the desk is __________.
A. hers B. her’s C. hers’
39. As the students slaved over the essay exam, they dreamed of rewarding __________ after class with double espressos and giant muffins from the courtyard café.
A. theirself B. theirselves C. themself D. themselves

40. Julissa, Sara, and I have become fast friends this year; __________ three do everything together, including visits to the restroom to fix our hair.
A. we B. us

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