JSC English Model Test 2018

                         JSC Model Test 2018 (2)

                              Subject: English

Time: 3 hours                                                             Total Marks: 100    

                                   Part A: Seen (20 Marks)

     Read the following passage and answer the questions 1 and 2

Human beings conquered the distance on earth by discovering wheels. They endeavored further. Then on December 17, 1903, the Wright brothers in America made the first experiment of flying in a plane. In the experiment, a machine carried a man and rose above by its own power. The machine was called ‘aka airplane’. It flew naturally in a smooth speed, and finally landed without damage. That was human being’s first real take-off. And now, they have got a supersonic speed. In a supersonic speed, something travels faster than sound! So the sky’s the limit now!

Modern aircraft companies are making revolutions in aviation technology. Boeing as well as Airbus is producing modern passenger airplanes. These planes fly very fast. Boeing 787 flies 950 km/h. However, Airbus 350 is expected to fly in a couple of years. Its speed will be 945 km/h. You find attractive ads on the websites of both Boeing and Airbus planes. Both have excellent features. But in speed, neither could beat the Concorde. It is the world’s fastest supersonic passenger aircraft. Its normal speed was 2,170 km/h. The Concorde was a joint project by France and Britain. It started passenger flight in 1976. Unfortunately, the Concorde fleet was grounded for ever in 2003 after a major accident.

1. Choose the correct answer to each question from the alternatives given. 1×7=7

a) The word ‘ground’ means ——.

i) cannel   ii) river   iii) yard    iv) land

b) The word ‘naturally’ means

i) artificially ii) whimsically      iii) automatically   iv) particularly

c) The word ‘conquer’ means———.

i) subjugate ii) lose       iii) defeat     iv) attack

d) take-off

i) torn ii) adventure   iii) journey   iv) flying

e) Wright brothers were—–.

i) British ii) American      iii) French      iv) Germany

f) The concord was ——– aircraft.

i) a commercial ii) a military      iii) a passenger      iv) a fighter

g) The first experiment of flying in a plane was made by the ——

i) Asians ii) Americans      iii) Australians      iv) Chinese

  2. Answer the following questions.   

a) What did the Wright brothers do?

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