Apr 23

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Job application the post of a driver

Job application with cv for the post of a driver/a skilled operator/a sale girl/a receptionist/a part time representative/a quality in charge/a part time worker/a computer operator/an office assistant etc.

22 April 2013

The Managing Director ,

Ideal Dairy Farm
Tongi, Gazipur.

Sub: Prayer for the post of [ ]

Dear sir,
In response to your advertisement published in “The Daily Star” for the post of [ ] for your institution, I want to offer myself as a candidate for the post. My CV is given below for your kind consideration.


1. Name: Mahinur Akter

2. Father’s name: Mr Monirul Islam Bhuiya.

3. Mother’s name: Minara

4. Permanent address: 1 college road, Tongi, Gazipur.

5.Mailing address:  22 college road, Tongi, Gazipur.

6. phone:01740163613

7. Date of birth:2/2/13

8.Nationality: Bangladeshi.

9. Religion: Islam

10. Education:class 8.

I, therefore, look forward to hearing from you soon.  

Yours faithfully

Mahinur Akter Monika.

[N.B:In the application above, in gape place will place the name of post which will be given in question paper.you must have to write according to question paper such as Director of institution,name of institution, address etc.By following above this application form,one will be able to write any type of job application-I believe.

By mazhar 01740163613]

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mazhar 01740163613

Muhammad mazharul islam, B .A (hons in english), M.A(English) , National university.

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  1. Saiful

    I understood it. very useful.Thank you very much..,very much …so much …. a lot of thanks.hundreds of thanks.

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