Apr 15

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Indigenous People

                                         Indigenous People

In independent countries, the people whom social, cultural and economic conditions distinguish them from other sections of the national community and whose status is regulated wholly or partially by their own customs or traditions or by special laws or regulations are called Indigenous people. In Bangladesh, There are about 35 smaller groups of Indigenous communities covering about two percent of the total population have been living in different pockets of the hilly zones and some plain lands of the country. According to the government statistics the total number of Indigenous peoples is 1205978. For centuries Bangladesh is enriched with the culture of different Indigenous ethnic communities. A good number of Indigenous people   live here. They may also mean ‘Adivasi people’. Most of the Indigenous communities in Bangladesh draw their income from regular agriculture. The Indigenous communities of Bangladesh have their distinctive ways of living. But the Indigenous communities living in Chittagong Hill Tract (CHT) are more distinctive than the other to their own living culture, and they live more closely to the natural contact for their livelihood and housing than the other communities in Bangladesh. The indigenous communities along with the localities they live are mentioned here; Bawm, Chak, Chakma, Khyang, Khumi, Lushai, Marma, Mro. Pangkhoa, Rakhain, Tanchanga, Tripura in Chttagong Hill Tracts regions; Bhuimale, Lahra, Mahali, Monda, Noonia, Oraro, Pahan, Palia, Rabidas, Raybansi, Ranjoarh, Rana KIarmaker, Santal, in the North Bengal Region and Been, Bhumig, Boraj, Barman, Dalu, Garo, Hajongn, Halem, Kharia, Khari, Koch, Konda, Kurmi, Manipuri, Nayek, Pangan, Patra, Shabar in the Mymensingh and Sylhet region. They live happily in Bangladesh. 


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