Aug 29

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Important Opposite Words for P.S.C. Candidates

          Most  Important Opposite Words from Their Text Book 


Beautiful- ugly, disgusting, revolting, repulsive

Before- after, behind

Come- go, leave

Customer- shop keeper,

Dark- light, bright, sunny, sunshiny

Day- night, nocturnal, darkness  

Dead- alive, animated, active  

Early- later, late, future

Give- abandon, leave, departure

Fast- sluggish, relaxed, slow

Happy- unhappy, sad, hopeless

Healthy- unhealthy, unfit, sick, weak

Hot- cold, stony, icy

Kindness- unkindness, cruelty, callousness  

Lazy- active, energetic, animated

Long- short, tinny, little, squat

Make- destroy, abolish, finish, terminate

Many- insufficient, rare, limited, few, uncommon  

Narrow- wide, broad, extensive

Near- far, remote, distant

Obey- disobey, violate, challenge  

Real- duplicate, nonexistent, unreal, imaginary

Sad- happy, joyful, glad, pleased

Same- different, dissimilar, unlike, altered

Show- hide, pelt, cover, conceal  

Slim- fat, fatty, thick, fleshy

Summer- winter

Thin- resonant, wealthy, fatty, thick  

Under- above, overhead, over, upon, on

Village- city, town, urban, metropolis, municipal

Weak- strong, dynamic, energetic, hard, solid

Wet- dry, arid, husky  

True- untrue, wrong, false, incorrect, fallacious

Unfit- fit, perfect, suitable, proper, acceptable, fitting

Remember- disremember, forget

Teach- learn

Notorious- famous, renowned, well-known, famed

Hate- like, love, affection, fondness, fond, attachment  

Single- duel, double, twofold

Timid- courageous, bold, daring, bravery  

Heavy- portable, empty, moveable, handy

Awake- asleep, sleeping, unconscious

Close- open, start, begin, arise, create

Walk- stop, run, stand, stop, sprint, stay

Buy- sell, trade, shift,

Young- old, aged,

Tiny- large, broad, big, great, extensive


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