Mar 18

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How to Observe My Birthday

                                     How to Observe My Birthday

Celebrating a birthday party is not so easy because there are some tasks to fulfill which are complex. So, if I wish to observe my birth day I have to do these things with great care. First, I have to invite my relatives and friends before the date. Secondly, I have to decorate my house with different types of flowers, colorful papers, and banners. Especially for the day, I have to buy a new dress and the dress should be matched with my body and I have to wear the dress before starting the program. Thirdly, I have to arrange a birthday cake, candles, chocolates, sweets etc. After the arrival of the invited guests I should light the candle and cut the cake in the middle at the song “Happy birthday to you” and serve the prepared delicious food of them. After the meal and the main program a short cultural program can be arranged to make the day memorable and give the guests much pleasure. Finally, the gusts may leave the house with wishing me many happy on the day.


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