Apr 23

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How to Make a Cup of Tea

Suppose, you live in Dhaka and your younger sister who lives in the village does not know how to make a cup of tea. Now write a letter to your younger sister about it. 

25March, 2013

35/4, Bashabo, Dhaka

My dear Sadia,

I have received your letter just now. In your letter you have wanted to know how to make a cup of tea. Now I am describing about it. 

To make a cup of tea, first you have to put one and a half cup of water into a kettle, and put the kettle over a stove until the water has boiled. Then put two tea spoonfuls of tea leaves into the water. When the water has turned red, you have to remove the kettle from the stove. Finally, you can pour the liquor into a cup through a strainer and mix some sugar and milk with the liquor. Then stir it until the sugar dissolves. Now your tea is ready to take.  

No more today, I hope from now you know how to make a cup of tea accurately.


Your loving sister

Armim Medha 

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