Apr 13

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How to Keep Fit

How to Keep Fit

There is a well-known proverb that ‘Health is wealth.’ Here, good health means soundless of body as well as quiet mind. It is the root of all happiness. A healthy body is free from all types of diseases. If someone wants to keep himself fit, he has to follow the rules of health and sanitation. Firstly, he has to take a balanced diet moderately in his everyday meals. It bears all the food value. Nutritious foods like milk, fishes, eggs, fruits, vegetables etc. are compulsory for him in his food items. Beside it, he has to drink enough water because water is very important for our health. Our kidneys cannot continue their work without water. Similarly, water helps to digest food, control the heat and keep blood healthy. Before taking water he has to boil or filter because of removing the harmful germs from it. Proper sleep and taking rest are also necessary for him. So he has to go to bed early at night and rise early in the morning. Physical fitness is the most important form for him. So, in order to keep physical fitness he is to take physical exercise. Physical exercise keeps him fit for work and makes him active beside energetic. Cleanliness is another point for physical fitness. So, he should take a bath every day and keep his environment neat and clean. After following the rules and regulations about health any one can keep him physically fit.      

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  1. Mahim

    Thank you for your paragraph

  2. Mahim

    You are a docotor

  3. Nayma

    thanks for this paragraph but there is a mistake. In the last three lines
    “So, he should take a birth everyday “- here should be “BATH” not “BIRTH”.

  4. Mahbub Murad

    Thanks dear for your great instruction…

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