Apr 16

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Grasp All Lose All

                       Grasp All Lose All

Once upon a time there lived a farmer in a village. The farmer was very poor and within his small income he was unable to continue his family properly. He always thought how to increase his income. One day he bought a goose from the market. From this goose, he hoped to get more eggs and geese. After some days when the goose became matured, it started laying eggs. The eggs were golden and it made the farmer so happy. Every morning the goose laid a golden egg and the farmer used to sell the golden egg to the market. Within a short time the luck of the farmer became changing. Gradually he became rich. Actually, the farmer was very greedy and impatient. So, one day he thought that if he cut the belly of the goose he would get all the eggs at a time and by this way he would be rich overnight. So, to have all the eggs at a time one day he took a sharp knife and cut the belly of the goose. But alas! There was no egg inside it. He was so sorry and started crying. Finally, he realized his fault and the reason behind losing all is greediness.

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