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Explanation: “Boxer! Cried Clover in a terrible voice…….. They are taking you to your death! from Animal Far

Explanation 03: “Boxer! Cried Clover in a terrible voice. ‘Boxer! Get out! Get out quickly! They are taking you to your death!”

These quoted speeches have been taken from George Orwell’s familiar and famous essay ‘Animal Farm’. These are terrible voices of Clover.  

In Animal Farm only Boxer is the hardest working animal. He plays most important rule to win the battle, build up the windmill and other hard works but at last in his life a tragic death appears. In summer, late one evening when boxer is dragging a big stone towards the site of windmill, he falls down and is unable to get up. Blood tickles out of his mouth. After gaining the information of accident Squealer appears, full of sympathy and concern.

Two days later Squealer and Snowball are immediately informed of the mishap. Napoleon says that he will send Boxer to the Veterinary Hospital in the nearby town of Willingdon; but actually he sells him to a horse slaughterer. They a large dosed van of the horse slaughterer appears to take Boxer. Boxer gets on into the van without feeling any hesitation. When Benjamin understands the writing on the side of the van, he starts shouting and says, “They are taking Boxer to the Knacker’s!” all the animals follow, crying out at the tops of their voices. Clover tries with heart and soul to escape Boxer from them. When he fails to escape he starts crying and telling in a terrible voices, “Boxer! Cried Clover in a terrible voice. ‘Boxer! Get out! Get out quickly! They are taking you to your death!”


After trying heart and soul, when Clover fails to escape Boxer from his tragic death then he starts crying and in terrible voices he expresses his sad expression.            


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