Mar 23

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Class Six, Lesson Five: Thanks for Your Work

                  Lesson Five: Thanks for Your Work


     Main Words       Similar Words
Appropriate Suitable, proper, correct, right
Collect Gather, save, accumulate
Rubbish Garbage, waste, junk
Area Region, part, zone, space
Street Road, way, path, lane
Put Set, place, situate
Bin Basket, container, holder, box, case
Leave Departure, exit, drive away
Dirty Dull, unclean, filthy
Smell Aroma, scene, perfume
Believe Trust, consider, faith
Important Significant, vital, essential, main
Clean Fresh, hygienic, unpolluted
Trouble Distress, annoyed, woe, anxiety, worry
Pile Heap, quantity, mound, bundle
Unhygienic Unhealthy, unclean, polluted, dirty
Realize Understand, recognize, think, appreciate
Dustbin Wastebasket, bin, litterbin


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