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Changing Parts of Speech

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              Changing Parts of Speech for Class Vii 

                                     (Model Question 25-30 of Advance Book)


Noun Verb Adjective Adverb
Importance (gravity, status, reputation,  significance, consequence ) Important  (vital, significant, essential, main, imperative, key) Importantly  (vitally, notably, essentially, significantly, )
Leader (conductor, head, chief) Lead (manage, operate, conduct) Leading (eminent, distinguished)
Animal (beast, brute, ) Animal (Brutal, brutish, inhuman, subconscious)
Nomad (wanderer, traveller, migrant) Nomad
    Famous (known renowned, eminent, reputed, memorable)  
Picture (photo, icon, idol, image, depiction, figure) Picture (illustrate, mark, draw, paint, image, pencil)
Comfort (ease, happiness, pleasure) Comfort (console, pacify, cool, ice) Comfortable (easy relaxed, calm, happy, joyful)
Stay (living, dwelling, residence) Stay (remain, live stand, continue) Staying (holding remaining)
Place (residence, habitant, space, site, location) Place (set, locate, maintain, take, receive, hold)
Difficulty (trouble, effort, hardness, problem) Difficult (strong, tough, solid, hard, troublesome) Difficultly
Help (aid, support, assistance, giving) Help (assist, support, favor) Helpful (beneficial cooperative,  favorable)
Want (demand, need, requirement, poverty, lack) Want (wish, hope, seek, keen, desire, intend, beg) Wanted
Visit (appointment call, stay) Visit (stay, call) Visiting (observing)
  Become (happen, occur, be)  Becoming (fit, suitable, ) 
Cultivation (farming, gardening, agriculture, ) Cultivate (farm, grow, enrich) Cultivated (tilled, plowed )
Difference (change, alteration, modification) Differ (change, vary, diverge) Different (unlike, changed, dissimilar) Differently (separately, severally)
Harvest (crop, fruit) Harvest  (produce, gather, fruitage, reap )
Wash (shower, bath, ablution, shampoo) Wash (clean, bath, scald, cleanse ) Washing (flying, running, cleansing)
Fertility/Fertilizer (manure, compost, sap, enricher) Fertilize (enrich, impregnate, manure) Fertile (fecund, fruitful, effective)
Plough(cultivation, plowing, hall, plantation) Plough (cultivate, till, furrow, plow)
Dig (excavation, digging, crack) Dig (excavate, mine, hollow)
Irrigation Irrigate (dampen, water, flood, wet) Irrigative
Excellence (superiority, quality, brilliance) Excellent (pretty, wonderful, nice, charming, exceptional) Excellently (very, immensely, much)
Want (demand, need, requirement, poverty, deficiency) Want (hope, wish, lack, intend, seek, beg, desire, need) Wanting (lacking, inexistent, lost, missing)
Care (attention, custody, concern, alertness, ) Care (accept) Careful (cautious, alert, suspicious, watchful) Carefully (wisely, cautiously, sensibly )
Plant/ planting  (showing, tree, grower, bush, creeper, crops) Plant (inseminate, sow, crop, seed, set, root)



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