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Change the Voice

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Change the following sentences into the passive voice.

1. They elected him Chairman.
2. The children laughed at the beggar.
3. The guard caught the thief.
4. The soldiers attacked the enemy barracks.
5. The cat drank all the milk.
6. The old man takes snuff.
7. Somebody hit the dog with a stick.
8. I will order the carriage.
9. One may accomplish anything with a little effort.
10. A thunderstorm often turns milk sour.
11. The boy was climbing the cliff.
12. Will you ever forget those happy days?
13. All desire wealth and some acquire it.
14. They laughed at his warnings.
15. He made the child drink the milk.


1. He was elected chairman (by them).
2. The beggar was laughed at by the children.
3. The thief was caught by the guard.
4. The enemy barracks were attacked by the soldiers.
5. All the milk was drunk by the cat.
6. Snuff is taken by the old man.
7. The dog was hit with a stick (by somebody).
8. The carriage will be ordered (by me).
9. With a little effort anything can be accomplished.
10. Milk is often turned sour by a thunderstorm.
11. The cliff was being climbed by the boy.
12. Will those happy days ever be forgotten (by you)?
13. Wealth is desired by all and acquired by some.
14. His warnings were laughed at.
15. The child was made to drink the milk.
Note that the subject of the active verb is not always mentioned in the passive voice.

Read more: http://www.englishpractice.com/grammar/change-voice/#ixzz2Fye3WJ2u

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