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Principles of Business Letter Writing

Principles of Business Letter Writing: While writing any business letter, we have to keep some matters in our mind because it’s totally technical and practical based. There are mainly three principles in the business letter. They are:

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Major Barriers in Business Communication

Major Barriers in Business Communication In business communication we face many barriers. In the following part the most common barriers are discussed. 1. Linguistic Barriers: Linguistic barriers occur when the receiver is unable to understand fully both explicit and implicit meaning of the language used by the sender. It may be happened because of limited …

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Analysis of Daffodil by William Wordsworth

In the first stanza the speaker describes a time when he meandered over the valleys and hills, “lonely as a cloud.” Finally, he came across a crowd of daffodils stretching out over almost everything he could see, “fluttering and dancing in the breeze”:

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Rules of Completing Sentence

Completing Sentence Section – 1 (Relative Pronoun) Part-1: I know the player who plays well in the match. I shall know the player who plays well in the match. I love the person who _________________________ I have got the book which ______________________ I know that__________________________________

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Rules of Tag Question

  # Tag question memgq sentence Gi †k‡l e‡m Ges subject / object Gi pronoun form e‡m # Tag question G ïay subject Ges auxiliary verb e‡m # Sentence wU affirmative n‡j Tag question wU negative nq # Sentence wU negative n‡j Tag question wU affirmative nq Negative G short form Negative G short form …

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Narration with Examples

Narration without – object second person = first person or third person RV: subject (1st person) + verb + (no object) second person = third person

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Right Form of Verbs for HSC 2015

Right Forms of Verbs (All Boards)   DHAKA BOARD – 2011 require achieve take become consider learn rise Education is often compared to light and (a) — as the pillar of human civilization. So, it is only education which can make a nation (b) — to the level of standard development. From this point of …

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Critical Discourse Analysis on Advertisements and social construction

Critical Discourse Analysis on Advertisements and social construction   advertisements and our social consturction

The Importance of Creative Writing

                                                           Abstract The term paper is about “The Importance of Creative Writing”. It is designed with various perspectives and all of them are designed gradually. Firstly, it shows the definition of writing and creative writing, then purpose of writing, benefits of writing, tools and materials of writing, writing method, teaching method, how to begin creative …

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Treatment of Women and Diasporic Women in Jhumpa Lahiri’s the Interpreter of Maladies

Topic: “Treatment of Women and Diasporic Women in Jhumpa Lahiri’s the Interpreter of Maladies”   Jhumpa Lahiri, who is an Indian by ancestry, British by birth and American by immigration, is acknowledged as one of the eminent women writers in Indian English literature. Being an immigrant Lahiri is interested in the large section of new …

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