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Oct 25

Tennis Vocabulary, Cricket Vocabulary, Football Vocabulary and Golf Vocabulary

                         Tennis Vocabulary        ace, advantage, backhand, ballperson, ballboy/girl/kid, baseline, break, break point, crosscourt, deuce, double fault, doubles, drop shot, fault, forehand, game, game point, Grand Slam, groundstroke, let, line judge, lob, love, match point, mixed doubles, net, racket / racquet, rally, receiver, return, serve, …

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Sep 08

Exercise on Articles

  1. Use articles where necessary. Put a cross (x) mark where an article is not needed: Tea is a drink. It is also (a) ———– refreshing drink. The preparation of tea is a long but (b) ———-interesting process, (c) ———-water is first boiled in (d)——-— kettle and (e)———-desired quantity of (f) ———- tea dust …

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Mar 26

Grammertical Term

A Active verb: The subject does the action of the verb: Subject verb object e.g. The boy hit the ball. Adjective: A word that modifies a noun (someone or something). e.g. The little boy hit the big, blue, ball. Adjective clause: A dependent clause that modifies (describes) a noun. Another name is a relative clause. …

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Mar 10

Completing Sentence

  Completing Sentence 1. If I were you ————. 2. He came here with a view to ————. 3. Five years have passed since ————. 4. It is I who ————. 5. If I had known that you were in the markets ———. 6. I fancy ————.

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Feb 19

Exercise on Tag Question

Tag Question 1.    Nothing is impossible.   ——–? 2.    I think everybody knows it. ——–? 3.    The idle always lag behind.  ——–? 4.    Let’s motivate them. ——–? 5.    Motivation seldom goes in vain. ——–?

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Feb 19

Exercise on Right Form of Verbs

1. We (live) here since 2009. Ans: 2. We (catch) a thief last night. Ans: 3. The headmaster (enter) into the class before the students (come)… Ans: 4. When Mr. Kamal (take) his breakfast?

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Feb 13

Exercise on Voice Change

Exercise on Voice Change 1. Let him say whatever he likes. Let him be said whatever he likes. 2. Do away with it. Let it be done away with. 3. He let me sing. I was let sing by him. 4. Such cruelty cannot be tolerated. We cannot tolerate such cruelty.

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Feb 12

Model Test on Pronoun

Marks-40 Time-30 minutes Directions: Fill in the blanks with the appropriate pronoun case. 1. Be sure that everyone brings ____________ own book. HIS OR HER THEIR 2. If anyone calls, tell ____________ that I’ll be back in half an hour. HIM OR HER THEM 3. Joe and ____________ have been close friends for many years. …

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Jan 26

Different Types of Pronouns

Subject Pronouns The pronouns which are often (but not always) found at the beginning of a sentence are called Subject Pronoun. More precisely, the subject of a sentence is the person or thing that lives out the verb. For Example; I live with my family in Dhaka city. In this sentence, I is pronoun. Similarly, …

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Jan 22

Different Types of Noun

 Glossary of grammatical terms Noun: A word which refers to people, things, and abstract ideas such as, feelings and qualities; EG woman, Harry, guilt is called noun. Noun group: A group of words which acts as the subject, complement, or object of a clause, or as the object of a preposition also called nominal group or …

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