English Grammar Test

Choose the correct answers from the following sentences.

1. Choose a sentence with the right order.

a. We don’t often go to the cinema. b. We often don’t go to the cinema.

c. We don’t go often to the cinema. (a)

2. Sarah _____ (to cook) delicious food now.

a. cooks b. is cooking c. has cooked (b)

3. I was writing a letter while my mother _____ (cook).

a. cooked b. was cooking c. had cooked (b)

4. Cookies _____ (make) from milk, eggs and nut. Continue reading

Major Barriers in Business Communication

Major Barriers in Business Communication

In business communication we face many barriers. In the following part the most common barriers are discussed.

1. Linguistic Barriers: Linguistic barriers occur when the receiver is unable to understand fully both explicit and implicit meaning of the language used by the sender. It may be happened because of limited vocabulary, wrong choice of words, construction of long and complex sentence, improper word order, improper punctuation and so on.

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Right Form of Verbs for HSC 2015

Right Forms of Verbs (All Boards)


  1. DHAKA BOARD – 2011
require achieve take become consider learn rise

Education is often compared to light and (a) — as the pillar of human civilization. So, it is only education which can make a nation (b) — to the level of standard development. From this point of view, it (c) — quite clear to us that if a country can provide its people with education (d) — for the modern aspects of life, it will be able to (e) — an all-out prosperity to the betterment and welfare of the nation.


  1. (a) considered; (b) rise; (c) becomes/ has become; (d) required; (e) achieve.

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A Research Paper on English Department Curriculum and Former Graduates of English


Research paper writing involves being critical as well as reflective. At the same time, it is also a great opportunity for us to write this research paper on:

“An Evaluation of English Department Curriculum in the Light of Former Graduates of English”  

At the time of preparing the paper, we had to do hard labor, mentally and physically. Firstly, we had to read different books, research papers, journals and we searched different web pages. Similarly, as our topic was based on present circumstance, so we had to do field work and get support from our friends, classmates, teachers and other graduates for collecting much information to make the research fruitful. Continue reading

Exercise on Preposition

Fill in the blanks with appropriate preposition


1.  A pious man is absorbed (a) ____meditation. He has firm faith (b) _____the Almighty. He abides (c) _____the rules of religion. He clings (d) ______ his faith. He knows that man is accountable to the Almighty (e) ________his action. So, he leads his life according to religion. He is not angry (f) _____anybody.

            Answer: (a) in; (b) in; (c) by; (d) to; (e) for; (f) with. Continue reading

Practice on Voice Change

Change the voices from active to passive and passive to active

  1. Pluck me a flower.
  2. His behavior surprised me.
  3. The novels of Md. Jafor Iqbal interested me.
  4. Newspaper contains daily news.
  5. Who knows you here? Continue reading