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Twinkle star

Every new born child is As a twinkling star; All sleeping probabilities of it’s life We have to Awake & prepare. If you take care of it properly Gradually, It would be a shining star; Let’s attempt to awake their power They would be succeeded, it is no far.

How to Write an Attractive Business Letter

Business letters  writing has only two goals: To make people understand you.      2. To get them to take some action. There are some important tips to write  an attractive letter 1. Write Concisely Some editors estimate that a third of the words in a typical letter are wasted. At every stage of writing your letter, look …

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How to be a Good Writter

 Write a lot every day: You may prefer to write in long or short sessions. Write a short paragraph or an entire page. See which works better for you. Read an old-fashioned book: Regular reading will influence your style, tastes, background, and ideas. It will also help expand your vocabulary and improve your grammar.  Expand your …

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Video editing software with supported capture card

Software                                  Capture Card Adobe premiere                         Matrox                       Edious                                        Canopus                 Avid Express                              Avid                 Velocity                                      Velocity

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Blog is helpful 4 Student !!

Today i sat for a class test but the topic was unknown to me so i was too much worried. I was searching the content to google from my mobile at washroom. I found my content in a blog, that blog is controlled by Mahbub Murad. I read it just for 10 minites. But when …

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