Exclusive suggestion for J.S.C Exam 2017

Exclusive suggestion for J.S.C Exam 2017 /Mazhar’s Technical Hand Note
English 1st paper
For Question No 1,2,3 : seen passage
Unit 1: L-5(B), unit 3: L 1(b) , unit 3: L 6 (b), L 3(a), L 8(B),Unit 5:L3(B), L (5), Unit 6: L 1(B), Unit 6: L 1(B), L6(C),L 9(C+F), Unit 7: L4(B), 2(B), Unit 8: L 1(B), L 3(B),L5(B), Unit 9: L-4(B), L6(B),
For question No 4 and 5 : Unseen passage (marks 10) : All board questions (2014-2016 )
For question 6 : all board question
For question no 7: all board question
For question no 8: all board question
For question no 9: all board question
Section B : Writing Test
Dialogue : *1. A dialogue on the importance of learning english. *2. A dialogue on the importance of reading newspaper/benifits of reading newspaper. *3. Preparation for exam.*4. importance/benifit of physical exercise. *5. Importance of tree plantation ***6. A dialogue between a doctor and patient. *7. You and a seller about buying a book. ***8. Two friends/father and sons choice of career/aim in life. ***9. Two friends about load shedding. *11. Two friends on benifits of early rising. 12. How to open a bank account. 13. customer and sales man in a shop . 14. Your plan after j.s.c exam/your plan to spend the summer vacation after exam. 16. adverse effect of illiteracy and to eradicate. 14. about air pollution/water/deforestation
****1. Traffic Jam. ****2. Load shedding ***3. A rainy day. ***4. A winter morning. ***5. A school Magazine. *****6. Your school library ***7. A tea stall *8. A Book Fair ***9. A moonlit Night. 10. National flag. ***11. Early rising. *12. good food. *13. Hygiene *12. Nakshi Kantha. *13. River gypsies in Bangladesh. *14. Folk song *15. Using dictionary. *16. Physical exercise. ***17. tree plantation. 18. A railway station/bus stand
Completing story:
*1. The lion and mouse *2. The fox without tail *3. Unity is strength ***4. Slow and steady wins the race. 5. Two friends and a bear ***6. A liar cowboy or a liar shepherd. **7. Robert bruce and spider. ***8. A greedy farmer. *9. Bayazid and his mother ***10. Two cats and a mouse. ****11. The thirsty crow.
***12. Grapes are sour. 13. A wood cutter. 14. A hare and tortoise.
****1. To your friend congratulate him on his brilliant result. *2. to friend thanking him for the birth day gift/present. *3. to friend describing your school/native country/homeland ***4. About the importance of reading newspaper *****5. Describing a picnic/a study tour/ your village. *6. About the annual prize giving ceremony. ***7. About your aim in life. ***8. About how to improve english/describing the importance of learning english. *10. About a street accident that you have witnessed. ***11. Inviting to join a picnic. ***12. Describing the importance of physical exercise. ****13. preparation for j.s.c exam ****14. to friend thanking him for hospitality.

English 2nd paper
Section A :Grammar Part
For question no 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 , see all board question (2014-2016)
Application/email :
*1. For a transfer certificate. *2. seeking admission *3. Full free studentship/half holiday/to witness a cricket match. *4. Permission to witness the football match. *5. For providing morning more facilities for reading newspapers and playing indoor games in the common room of your school. *****6. To h/m praying for setting a canteen/language club/common room/debating club/english speaking club/a drama stage. . ***7. for re-admission. *****8. For a seat in the hostel. ****9. seeking permission to go on a picnic./study tour. *10. for leave of absence ***11. Application to the UNO/TNO/DC to construct a bridge/a culvurt/a damaged road/sinking tube well/relief for the flood affected people. 12. To h/m for morning school . and Practice English 1st papers emails .

Short composition:

***1. Wonders of modern science. *2. Tree plantation **3. Your aim in life / Discipline/ value of time/ Physical exercise/ newspaper, ****4. Journey by Train/bus/boat/Plane **5. The rainy season/ The season I like most. *6. Computer/Television **7. Student life ****8. Your favourite game. 9. Your favourite hobby.***10. Your daily life. 11. A village fair/market.

Mazharul Islam,
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Punctuation for JSC Exam 2017

Punctuate the Following Passage:

1. Have you bought the pen said selina yes said selina the pen is very interesting
ans: ” Have you bought the pen ?” said Selina . “Yes ,” said S alam . “The pen is very interesting. ”
2. we must eat vegetable and fruits they contain a lot of vitamins and minerals they keep our body free from disease .
ans: We must eat vegetables and fruits . They contains a lot of vitamins and minerals . They keep our body free from diseases.

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Passage Narration for JSC Examination 2017

Passage Narration for JSC Examination 2017 :

1. “Have you offered your prayer today ? I said to my cousin . “NO , I have forgotten , ” he said . ” That ‘S bad , ” I said . ” We must pray to Almighty everyday.”

Ans: I asked my cousin if he offered his prayer that day . He replied in the negative and said that he had forgotten . I remarked that that was bad . I added that we must pray to almighty everyday .

2. Father said to Rina , “Do you know why I have sent you to school ? Rina said, “Yes , know . I have been sent to school to receive education .” “Right , said he.

Ans: Father asked Rina if she knew why he had sent her to school . Rina replied in the affirmative and said that she knew . she added that she had been sent to school to receive education . Father remarked that she was right . Continue reading

Suffix and prefix for JSC Exam 2017

Suffix and prefix for JSC Exam 2017

. 1. Fill in the gapes use in the following text by adding suffix, prefix or both with root words underlined in the text.
Money is the means of leading (a) world life.(b)Short of money makes our life (c)deplore. We cannot lead our life (d)prosper in want of money. But there is(e)difficult in earning money. Our peace and prosperity are (f)depend on proper utilization of money, spending money in an (g)prosper way can lead us to the path of destruction. So we should be (h)care in spending money.

Ans(a)worldly (b)shortage (c)deplorable (d)properly (e)difficulty (f)dependent (g)improper (h)careful Continue reading

Uses of Article

Filling the gaps with suitable articles.

1. a._ Pen.b._ apple. c._elephant.d._ orange. e._ umbrella. f._ ox. g. _pen. h. _ book. i. _ mango. j. _ shirt. k. _ chair.

Ans: a. a. b. an. c. an. d. an. e. an. f. an. g. a. h. a. i. a. j. a. k. a.

2. _ hour. b. _ hotel. c. _ honest man. d. _ honourable man. e. _ heir. f. _ hunter. g. _ horse. h. _ hill. i. _ house.

Ans: a. an. b. a. c. an. d. an. e. an. f. a. g. a. h. a. i. a.

3. a. _ university. b. _ European. c. _ unique case .d. _ useful thing. e. _ one eyed man. f. _ one taka note.
Ans: a. a. b. a. c. a. d. a. e. a. f. a.

4. a. _ MA. b. _ Mp. c. _MBBS. d. _ LLB. e. _ FRCS.f. _ B.A.

Ans: a. an. b. an. c. an. d. an. e. an. f. a.

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Voice Change

Voice change

Active voice to passive voice:

Rules : [i] The subject of Active voice will be changed to the object in the passive voice.
[ii] The auxiliary verb of Active voice will be unchanged in passive voice. If subject of Active voice is 3rd person singular number , the auxiliary verb will be singular in passive voice.

[iii] The past participle form of the main verb of Active voice will be placed in passive voice.

*Present indefinite tense – Active voice (without auxiliary verb)-Passive voice (am/is/are)

Examples: a. I eat rice= Rice is eaten by me.
b. They play cricket.= Cricket is played by them.
c. She writes a letter.= A letter is written by her. Continue reading