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Jul 20

One Heck of a Hardware Store

Ever since we have been at the Evergreen RV park, we have driven past a nice looking little restaurant located just yards down the road. It never looked open so we sped past it day after day after day. It is called The Bucket of Mt. Eaton Restaurant. Finally, weary of Bob Evans, we decided …

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Oct 05

Cox’s Bazar Sea Beach in Bangladesh

                    Cox’s Bazar Sea Beach in Bangladesh Bangladesh, a gift of God, is abounding of natural sceneries and historical places. Without observing it everybody misses a lot of blessings which are supernatural and human created. There are many islands, rivers, green fields, animals, historical places, buildings, monuments …

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Jan 20

Madhabkunda in Bangladesh

Madhabkunda is considered as the largest waterfall of Bangladesh. It is located at Madhabkunda under Moulavibazar District in Sylhet Division. It is about five km away from Dakshinbagh railway station, and 350 km from Dhaka city.  Madhabkunda is located about 5 km from Kakhinbage railway station, the nearest station of Madhabkunda. It is considered as one …

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Jan 13

Ahsan Monzil in Dhaka

Ahsan Manzil, one of the historical places in Bangladesh, is situated at Kumartoli along the banks of the  Buriganga River in Bangladesh. The construction of this palace was started in the year 1859 and was completed in 1869. The Palace became the Bangladesh National Museum on 20 September 1992 to preserve the cultural and history of the …

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Nov 06

Hill Tracts Chittagong- where is the end of clashes?

  Hill tracts chittagong- one tenth area of our Bangladesh. Several times there are clashed between trival and bengali people because of land and sometimes for power. Recently we have noticed that for a silly fact tribal and bengali students were clashed in Rangamati college. But one thing that we always observed, after any fact- …

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