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Jan 15

SSC English First Paper Final Model Test 2016

Final Model Test SSC 2016                         English First Paper        Time: 3 hours                                                             …

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Nov 26

SSC English 2nd Paper suggestion-2016

CV with Cover letter 1. For a Computer Operator 2. For a Personal Assistant 3. For a Teacher in English 4. For an Assistant marketing Manager 5. For an Office Executive 6. For the position of a Journalist 7. For the position of receptionist 8. For the post of an Auditor 9. For the Post …

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Nov 19

English Model Test for SSC 2016

                           S.S.C. Model Test 2016 (1)                                  Subject: English First and Second Paper Time: 40 Minutes                                                                                                              Marks: 40   Read the text and answer the questions. Severe moral …

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Jan 04

Short English Suggestion for SSC 2015

                         S.S.C English Final Suggestion 2015                         Reading comprehension (1—3) The National Memorial …….. of their spirit. In recent years ……. go under water. Facebook is a directory …….. come into a curse. Change …

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Nov 27

S.S.C English First Paper Final Suggestion 2015

S.S.C English 1st paper Suggestions 2015 Reading comprehension (1—3) 1. Most of our students cannot write out ………clear English is not bad. 2. Dowry is a claim ——————————– against humanity. 3. Bangladesh entered —————————————————- types of vehicles. 4. Florence Nightingale……………… 5. Change is the life ——————————– of the world.

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Sep 11

English First Paper Suggestion for SSC 2015

SSC English 1st Paper Suggestion – 2015 Comprehension 1. Einstein was very simple …….. I have greatly enjoyed the walk. 2. The Eiffel Tower in Paris, the Empire State Building in New Work, Buckingham Palace ……. Visit the tower annually. 3. Nipa often feels extremely annoyed to walk in the over bridge of Dhaka ……. …

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Sep 14

A Paragraph about How to Make Birds on Strings

How to Make Birds on Strings  To make the Birds on Strings is not an easy task. Before making it, a person has to collect a wire hanger, 4 pieces of strings, colored papers, scissors and glue. Then he should follow the instructions:

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Aug 30

Suggestion For S.S.C/J.S.C/Dakhil

Suggestion for J.S.C/S.S.C/Dhakhil/All Board Exam. Subject: English Paper 1 and paper 2 a .Short composition: ****1. Wonders of Modern Science. ***2. Tree plantation ***3. A village market *3. Journey by Train ***4. The Rainy Season/The season I like most. 5. Tea/a popular drink ***6. The seasons of Bangladesh 7. The fruit of Bangladesh *8. Journey …

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Feb 28

Paragraph on International Mother Language Day

                     International Mother Language Day   In the history of our country, people of the country have many days to remember. 21st February is mentionable one. The day is observed as the International Mother Language Day. It is a red letter day in our life. It …

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Jan 16

Model Test on Preposition 04

Preposition Model Test 04 16. The moon is a very familiar figure (a) — all of us. She awakens a feeling (b) — love and tenderness in our hearts. Even the infant in arms stretches (c) — its hands to grasp this beautiful object. Nor is her appeal confined (d) — only children. Ever since the …

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