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Nov 24

S.S.C Examination Suggestion- 2018

An Exclusive Suggestion For SSC Examination- 2018 English paper -1 QUES.NO.-1 & 2(SEEN COMPREHENSION-1) + QUES.NO:3 ( SEEN COMPREHENSION-2) Unit :8-L 1(B), U:13-L 2(B),U:3-L 2, U:5-L 3, U3:L 5(B), U:10-L 4 (B), U11:L 3(B), U:5-L 1, U:8 –L 3, U:7-L 6, U:7-L 1,U:3-L 3, U:3 –L 6, U 8:L-4(C), U:12-L3(A), U:1-L 4, U:4-L 5(D), U:5 …

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Sep 02


FLOOD IN BANGLADESH Bangladesh is a land of river . So, flood visit this country almost every year . It cause great damage to men and property . It is the most dangerous calamity in Bangladesh . The excessive overflow of water carries away houses , uproots tree, plants and damage crops . It is …

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Aug 20


SSC EXAM MODEL TEST Subject : English 1st paper Part —A : Reading Text (50 Marks ) The pioneer of Bangladeshi modern art Zainul Abedin is widely acclaimed for his Bengal ‘Famine Sketches’. Through a series of sketches, Zainul not only documented the harsh famine of 1940 but also showed its sinister face through the …

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Jun 05

Exclusive suggestion for J.S.C Exam 2017

Exclusive suggestion for J.S.C Exam 2017 English 1st paper For Question No 1,2,3 : seen passage Unit 1: L-5(B), unit 3: L 1(b) , unit 3: L 6 (b), L 3(a), L 8(B),Unit 5:L3(B), L (5), Unit 6: L 1(B), Unit 6: L 1(B), L6(C),L 9(C+F), Unit 7: L4(B), 2(B), Unit 8: L 1(B), L …

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Nov 20

Final English Suggestion for PEC 2015

English Suggestion for PEC 2015 Seen Comprehension Raju is a Firefighter The name of my Hometown A Birthday is a Memorable Day There is a Well-known Saying Saikat Lives with his Family

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Sep 05

English Suggestion for PEC 2014

English Suggestion for PEC 2014 Seen Comprehension a. Life is Beautiful b. The Liberation War Museum c. It Was a Great Day!

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Oct 31

Exclusive Suggestion for PEC 2013

Final Suggestion for PEC Candidates 2013                        Subject: English Seen Comprehension Based on EFT: Saikat’s Family Leisure Time Food Pyramid A Firefighter My Home Town

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Oct 06

Model Test for PEC Exam 2013

         Final Model Test for PEC Exam 2013                          Time: 2:30 Hours                                                                     Full Marks: 100                                          (Unseen Passage) Read the text and answer the questions 1, 2 and 3 The name of our country is Bangladesh. It became independent in 1971. Dhaka is its capital. Bangladesh is a small country. Its land …

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Feb 10

English Short Questions for PSC Candidates

1. Where does Sima live? Ans: Sima lives in Sylhet. 2. Where is Raina going to on holiday? Ans: On holiday Raina is going to Chittagong. 3. To whom did Sima come to Dhaka? Ans: Sima came to Dhaka with his father. 4. When does their train leave? Ans: There train leaves in 10 minutes. …

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Jan 16

Voice Change

Model Test on Voice Change Marks: 1×50=50                                                                    Time: 1 hour 1.     They should bring some books.(pass) 2.     They could easily perform their duties .(pass) 3.    Tomorrow he will bring a new history book of India.(pass) 4.     Really they might follow his directions.(pass) 5.     Should they bring glory for their motherland? (pass) 6.     They should bring glory for their motherland. (pass) 7.     My …

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