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Jan 30

A Composition about Pahela Baishakh

                   Pahela Baishakh Pahela Baishakh is a part and parcel of Bangle culture. It is the first day of Bengali Calendar year. The people of Bangladesh observe the day with great festivities. The Baishakhi Mela is also celebrated with great festivals and it is perhaps the largest …

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Jan 27

Tag Question for HSC 2015

Lecture – 01 on Tag Question & Voice  for HSC Examinees – 2015   Tag questions:   A barking dog seldom bites, ___?                                         I have never seen him, ___? A story is told by him, ___?                                                   I’m your friend, ___? Bangladesh is a small country, ___?                                     Kindly do me a favor, ___? Birds can fly, …

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Jun 18

Voice Change

                                                                 Voice Change 1. They searched his house and found a number of stolen articles. 2. People say that the lion is the king …

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Mar 10

A Paragraph about The Importance of Games and Sports

                                     The Importance of Games and Sports Sports and games have great importance in both individual and collective life; because they keep the body fit and active and refresh the mind. Similarly, they offer us a change from …

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Mar 10

A Dialogue about Using Dictionary

A Dialogue between you and your teacher about using a dictionary   Myself: Excuse me sir! Would you help me? Teacher: Oh sure! How can I help you? Myself: I have bought an English Oxford Learners’ Dictionary but I do not know how to use it. Would you help me using the dictionary?

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Feb 25

Exercise on the right form of verbs

Complete the passages with suitable verbs from the list. Put them in the correct tenses and you can add any modal auxiliary if necessary. Use negatives where necessary.                   1.                                   …

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Dec 01

Practice on Voice Change

Change the voices from active to passive and passive to active Pluck me a flower. His behavior surprised me. The novels of Md. Jafor Iqbal interested me. Newspaper contains daily news. Who knows you here?

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Nov 05

Exercises of Prefix and Suffix

Complete the text adding suffixes and prefixes or the both with the root words.   1. Hazrat Muhammad (Sm.) is the last prophet of Allah and the (a) lead of all prophets. He is the greatest of men and (b) teach ever born on the earth. Before his birth Arabia was steeped in (c) dark, …

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Oct 27

Rules of Preposition with Exercise

       Rules of Preposition with Exercise                          At Place: He lives at Mugdapara in Dhaka. Time: I always come back from school at 3 pm. Level: The coach runs at fifty miles on hour. Site: He looks at me. Cox’s Bazar is at the north site of Bangladesh. Price: Rice is sold at …

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Oct 25

Tennis Vocabulary, Cricket Vocabulary, Football Vocabulary and Golf Vocabulary

                         Tennis Vocabulary        ace, advantage, backhand, ballperson, ballboy/girl/kid, baseline, break, break point, crosscourt, deuce, double fault, doubles, drop shot, fault, forehand, game, game point, Grand Slam, groundstroke, let, line judge, lob, love, match point, mixed doubles, net, racket / racquet, rally, receiver, return, serve, …

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