Similarity and Dissimilarity Between Riders to the Sea and Classical Play

Discussion about the similarity and dissimilarity between Riders to the Sea and Classical play.

 After researching and thinking deeply about the play we can say that, there are a large number of similarities and dissimilarities between ‘Riders to the Sea’ and ‘the classical plays’. According to the playwrights the play Riders to the Sea can be called as a Modern Greece Play because all of the characteristics of classical play have been followed fully in this play.  Continue reading

Symbolism in J.M.Sing’s Riders to the Sea.

Discuss about the symbolism in Riders to the Sea.


It is well known to us that, symbolism is the main element of any kinds of arts. The dramatists or poets explain their conception in their writings by the help of symbolism. J. M. Synge has also used the symbolism in his prominent play ‘Riders to the Sea’ very carefully. According to T.R. Henn, ‘This general play has become the best tragedy by the help of the symbolism’.     

The symbolisms are as given bellow: 

The Sea: The Sea is an archetypal symbol in this play.  Continue reading