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Apr 06

Model Question for class seven

Model Test-1 Subject: English first Paper Class: Seven Full Marks:-100 Time: 3 Hours Listening : 10 Speaking : 10 Section A: Reading(Total Marks:40) 1.. Read the following text and answer the question that follows.

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Mar 30

An Exclusive Suggestion For JSC Examination- 2018

Mazhar”s Technical Suggestion/An Exclusive Suggestion For JSC Examination- 2018 English 1st paper (JSC) For Question No 1,2,3 : seen passage Unit 1: *****L-2(B), ****L-5(B), ***L-3(B)+4(A), L-1(B). UNIT-2:L-(A) Unit 3: ***L -1(B) ,****L-3(A),L-6(B), *L-8(B) Unit 5: ****L-3(B),***L-4(A), ** *L-5(A),L-1(A), L-2(A), L-6(B), L-7(B) Unit 6: ***L- 1(B), **L-2(B), L-3(B), L-4(A), L-5(B), L-(C), L-7(B), L-8(B), L-9(B+C+F). Unit 7: …

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Mar 23

Cadet college admission text preparation (Class six)

Cadet college admission text preparation (Class six) Subject: English 2nd paper 1.What is verb ? Ans: 2.There can be no sentence without _____? Ans: verb 3.what is the most important word in a sentence ? Ans: verb

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Mar 23

Write a paragraph on The elderly people

The elderly people The elderly people are those who have reached a certain age when they are not fit for any job. When the people are elderly , they become lonely because they have no work then . They are considered valueless, worthless. Nobody cares them because everybody is busy with their work. The elderly …

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Dec 27

JSC Result 2017 – Checking Result Fast & Easy

Junior School Certificate (JSC) Exam 2017 is going to be End on 18th November 2017. After That Students & Guardian Will be Worried About Publishing Date and Time of JSC Result 2017. So, Welcome To The Post About JSC Exam Result 2017. Through This Post, You Will Find The Detailed Information About Junior School Certificate Exam …

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Nov 24

S.S.C Examination Suggestion- 2018

An Exclusive Suggestion For ssC Examination- 2018 English paper -1 QUES.NO.-1 & 2(SEEN COMPREHENSION-1) + QUES.NO:3 ( SEEN COMPREHENSION-2) Unit :8-L 1(B), U:13-L 2(B),U:3-L 2, U:5-L 3, U3:L 5(B), U:10-L 4 (B), U11:L 3(B), U:5-L 1, U:8 –L 3, U:7-L 6, U:7-L 1,U:3-L 3, U:3 –L 6, U 8:L-4(C), U:12-L3(A), U:1-L 4, U:4-L 5(D), U:5 …

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Sep 26

English Second Paper Suggestion for JSC 2017

English 2nd Paper Final Suggestion for JSC 2017   E-Mails: a) Congratulation on Brilliant Success b) Thanking for a Nice Gift c) Preparation for Coming Exam d) To Attend a Birthday Party e) To Attend the Birthday Party f) Thanking for Hospitality g) Invitation to Spend Summer Vacation h) Describing the Prize-Giving Ceremony

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Sep 25

Exclusive English 1st Paper Suggestion for JSC 2017

                                     Final Suggestion for JSC 2017                                                 English First Paper                                             Seen Comprehension: a) Samima’s Misery ————– famous designer. b) The word ‘hygiene’ means ————– healthy and happy life c) At the farthest ————– around the nature. d) …

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Sep 02


FLOOD IN BANGLADESH Bangladesh is a land of river . So, flood visit this country almost every year . It cause great damage to men and property . It is the most dangerous calamity in Bangladesh . The excessive overflow of water carries away houses , uproots tree, plants and damage crops . It is …

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Aug 20

Model Test : 1 9 (Class -7)

Model Test Subject : English 2nd paper Class :7 Part –A : Grammar (Marks: 30) 1. Fill in the blank of the following text with appropriate articles. Put a cross (x) for zero article : . .5×6=3 Lutfur is (a)_ street boy . He is( b) _ orphan . He lives in the street of …

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