Some Extra Work for Film Student

Film making & Film making career are totally elite profession & I think it is known to all. The students of this profession are different from any other professions. This subject is based on theory & practical case but practical case is the main focus on this subject. Though practical case is the main focus for this subject but you shouldn’t negate theory. Because theory is the key & practical is the path to find out your way. So you shouldn’t walk without key to find out your way.

As a film student you should do some extra work to build up film making career & leading good films from generation to generation.

1. Watch Movie:  As a film student you have to watch movie at least ten to twelve in a week. Because it’s the way to build up your imagination power & filmmaking presenting system.

2. Build up Observing power: Try to build up your observation power & try to catch small matter to large matter & observe those matter in natural way.

3. Children’s mind: Learn gatherer, observe & catch everything in your mind as a children’s mind. Because it is only the way to find out the method in naturally.

4. Practice: practice makes you perfect & builds up your experience

5. Theater: theater is totally additional work. It will build up your acting knowledge & sense. It will help you to find out; what types of acting you need from actors or actress for your character

6. Film e Add: always try to discuss about film & film related subjects with your friends.


7. Active with workshop: try to add you with different types of workshop such as painting, photography, discuss etc. it will help you to make sense, improvisation, thought, enhance abilities etc.

8. Literature: film & Literature is related subject. The activity of this one talks story in visually & another is written. Literature helps to make a film by giving the author main theme in a movie. So, as a future film maker you have to read more literature and you should also remain that film is reflection of literature.


How to Make a Film

Now anyone can make a film in a few days, for the development of film technique. But if you want make a good film it will take time. Take a preparation, choose a subject, take a plan & make a budget. If this is something you really want to do, you should put up more time & hard work (mentally & physical) for film.


To make a film, filmmakers should play these works which are given below. These tips are very important for the beginner film maker

1. Pre-Production

Pre-production referee that works which are done before shooting. Such as

a.       The idea

b.      Script

c.       Storyboard

d.      Casting

e.       Budgeting

f.       Scheduling

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