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Life is a precious seed

LIfe cann’t be leaded Only for playing and sleeping; It doesn’t allow you Meaningless time would be clipping. Life wasn’t made only just For eating and enjoying; Don’t make it worthless Just playing and doing nothing. Life hasn’t most short time As short as flower; But It’s time is going on Like a train has …

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Make The World Safe

I want to be a bud That would be in bloom for you; I want to be a shining light With that you can go. I would be flower’s aroma That you can sniff; Make those people smiley Who have to live in grief. Everyday and evermore I want to be your heart-beat; I want …

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Twinkle star

Every new born child is As a twinkling star; All sleeping probabilities of it’s life We have to Awake & prepare. If you take care of it properly Gradually, It would be a shining star; Let’s attempt to awake their power They would be succeeded, it is no far.

Bad boys

Bad boys don’t like to go To school every day; The school time, they go To field to play. In this way, when they will become adult, They would never be wise; Then they should work all the day Hard labour would be their prise.

A True Friendship

A true friendship is As precious as gold; It is unknown, why It is rarely found in this world! I met you in the way of life When I was alone; Your friendship makes me happy Sadness has gone. Times makes our relation As a true friendship; We became best friend It would never be …

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