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Charles Dickens concept of Gentleman in Great Expectation

Discuss about Charles Dickens concept of Gentleman in Great Expectation. Great Expectation is a great creation of Charles Dickens. Here, he has wanted to represent various aspects of life and the problems that antagonize us in everyday life. The author has drawn about the course of the natural character of love and after a series …

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Position of the women in American Society

Position of the women in American Society: Critical study of The Sun Also Rises.    The conditions under which white settlers came to America created various situations for women. Where the first settlements consisted almost entirely of men, women were imported as sex slaves, child bearers, companions. Many women came in those early years as …

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Different Runner

Everybody is runner in his/her/its daily life or activities. But the running style is not like a deer or a tortoise; it is totally different and interesting. Actually without observing or explaining the matter it will be unable to understand or to find out the real runners. We can observe in this way- a man …

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Critical analysis of Andrea Del Sarto By Browning

Summary This poem represents yet another of Browning’s dramatic monologues spoken in the voice of an historical Renaissance painter. Andrea del Sarto, like  Fra Lippo, Lippi lived and worked in Florence, albeit a little later than Lippo, and was later appointed court painter by Francis, the King of France. Under the nagging influence of his wife …

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Critical Analysis of “The Lamb” by William Blake

Introduction: “The Lamb” is designed in two different stanzas. In the first stanza the author raises many questions by the child to the lamb and in the second part the child itself answers those questions. Form: “The Lamb” has two stanzas; each stanza bears five rhymed couplets. Repetition in the first and last couplet of each …

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Critical Analysis of Home Burial by Robert Frost

  Introduction: Robert Frost is a great American poet who has created many creations. Home Burial is one of the greatest creations of him. It is a dramatic dialogue between a husband and with his wife.       Form: This poem is considered as a dramatic or pastoral lyric poem in the terms of form, using free-form dialogue …

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Critical Analysis of The Shepherd by William Blake

Critical Analysis of The Shepherd by William Blake  Summary:  The poem tells about of a Shepherd who cares for his flock, and it only includes positive language about the relationship between shepherd and sheep. The shepherd has no fixed workplace, must only follow his sheep, and has “songs of praise” on this tongue constantly. He has nothing to listen …

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A Letter about Mohakhali Flyover

Suppose you are Shuvo, you friend Nahid, who lives in the village, wants to know about Mohakhali Flyover from you. Now write a letter to your friend about Mohakhali Flyover. Date: 10th July, 2012 20 Mugdapara, Dhaka. My dear Nahid, I have received your letter just now. In your letter you have wanted to know about …

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Letter about Your Country

Suppose you are Asif. Your pen-friend Baky wanted to know about your country. Now write a letter to your pen-friend describing your country.  Date: 10th July, 2012 35 Bashaboo Dhaka My dear Baky, I am very glad to receive your letter. In your letter you have wanted to know about my country. Now, I am …

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Vocabulary Test Set 06

Execution, wretch, prove, wit, spoil, death, angry, unpleasant, happen, knowing. 1.  Once upon a time, there was a King who was very fond of (a) — his future from the astrologers. A famous astrologer (b) — to stop at his capital on his way to Benaras. The King called on him to know about his …

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