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Using Linking Devices

Nowadays parents are worried about their children to bring them up to the expected level. So, tension overwhelms them each moment whether the children are going ahead or back footing. Though they love their children but they have exactly no time to make them ordered as they usually pass their highest time in institutions and concerns. Usually, parents, especially in urban …

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Linking Devices

1. To Put in Time Order   (সময়ের ক্রম দ্বারা নির্ধারন করতে) :  a. Now(এখন): Now I am waiting in front of my university with my friends. b. Then(তারপর): At first you should lead properly then everybody will obey you. c. Before (পূর্বে): I had completed my work before he came to my residence. d. …

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Positive Thinking

Do you ever think, the person who keep positive thinking about their lives, they live long.  And the person who lives with great satisfactions, the percentage of their early death may be decreasing about 30 percent. The information has been gathered from the research of The University College of London in United State of America.  …

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Rearrange on Our National Fish

Rearrange the sentences to build up questions and answer them. (a) fish/name/what/the/is/of/your/national? (b) found/is /where /it? (c) its/color/what’s? (d) it/long/does/how/grow? (e) does/how/taste/it? (f) the name/of/your country/what is? (g) does/where/the/Royal Bengal Tiger/live?

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Women in 19th Century Fiction

Women in 19th Century Fiction Glimpse of hope or Total Darkness       The conditions under which white pioneers came to 19th century fiction created various situations for women. Where, women were imported as sex slaves, child bearers, and companions. Many women came in those early years as indentured servants- often teenaged girls-and lived lives not much …

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Synonyms from Aladin and the Wonderful Lamp (Part I)

Lesson: 38 Aladin and the Wonderful Lamp (Part I) Main Word Similar Word Lived Subsisted, existed, Survived, stayed.   Support Care, Lead, Help, maintain Street Road, way, lane, path, highway All of a sudden Suddenly, abruptly, Speedily, quickly, unexpectedly stranger Foreigner, visitor, unfamiliar person, new comer, unknown face Come

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Synonym from Aladin and the Wonderful Lamp (Part 02)

Lesson: 38, Aladin and the Wonderful Lamp (Part 02) Main Word Similar Word Magician Performer, entertainer, prestidigitator, conjuror Plan Idea, proposal, strategy, design Narrow Thin, slim, slight Valley Gorge, vale, dell, basin  

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Synonyms and Antonyms from Aladin and the Wonderful Lamp (Part 03)

Aladin and the Wonderful Lamp (Part 03) Similar words and Opposite words   Main Word Similar Word/ synonym Opposite Word/antonym Alone     Dark   Answer     Afraid     Pray  

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Symbolism in J.M.Sing’s Riders to the Sea.

Discuss about the symbolism in Riders to the Sea.   It is well known to us that, symbolism is the main element of any kinds of arts. The dramatists or poets explain their conception in their writings by the help of symbolism. J. M. Synge has also used the symbolism in his prominent play ‘Riders …

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Rearrange on Sheikh Sa’di

 (i)  This time he put on gorgeous dress (ii)  The courtier understood his fault and begged pardon to the poet.         (iii)  On his way back home, Sadi again took shelter in the same courtier’s home. (iv) He set out for the emperor’s palace in ordinary dress.         (v) Sadi replied, “My dress deserves this food (vi) …

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