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I am a Lecturer in English at Mohanagar Ideal College, HSC Examiner of Dhaka Board, Writer and Editor: Naba Puthighar Publication and the Founder of English Care and Online ; If anyone wants to share his/her idea or get any support, he or she can contact me. Cell: 01761519111 (12 pm - 3 pm and 10 pm - 11 pm) Email: Send Mail and Facebook

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Feb 26

Summary of The Traffic Police

The Traffic Police Amidst killer speeds I stand Facing the traffic, stretching my hand. I am seen on kidsÕ books and as cartoons everywhere Educating people and asking them to beware

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Feb 22

Article Competition

                    Article Competition is searching creative, informative and practical based English articles of some experienced, expert, skilled as well as new writers. Among them, 10 writers will be awarded.  Taka 1500 is for the 1st three, 1000 for the next three and 500 for 7th …

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Feb 20

Rules of Transformation of Sentence

Rules of Simple, Complex and Compound  Generally, transformation of sentence is the most important topic for the students of SSC and HSC levels. But most of the students are very worried of the topic. To make it easy, I have tried to give some instructions and shortcut way so that they can understand it easily.  …

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Feb 12

Practice of Transformation of Sentence

Change the sentences according to directions.  1. a) Unemployment is a state when a man has no work to earn money. (Simple)              b) It is a social evil which hampers the progress of social life. (Compound)                        c) The …

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Feb 12

Tag Questions

Most important tag questions for SSC Examination  Make tag questions of these situations: 1. a) Bur nobody likes an ill-mannered man, ———-? b) He seldom comes here, ——–? c) Polluted air causes different diseases, ———-? d) So, all of us ought to be careful about polluted water, ———-? e) Writing many letters makes him happy, …

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Feb 10

HSC English First Paper Model Test 2018

                    HSC Model Test – 2018,                                          English 1st Paper Time: 90 Minutes                                                                  Full Marks: 60                                      Part-A: Marks-60 Read the passage below and answer the following questions 1 and 2. As a child you must have been told to greet your elders and visitors to your home according to your culture and tradition. You must …

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Jan 30

SSC English 2nd Paper Final Model Test 2018

SSC English 2nd Paper Final Model Test 2018 Part A: Grammar 1. Fill in the blanks with the words from the box. You may need to change the forms of some of the words. You may need to use one word more than once.                        …

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Jan 26

English Second Paper Final Suggestion for SSC 2018

Most Important CV for SSC 2018 1. For the post of an English Teacher or Lecturer 2. For the post of a Librarian 3. For the post of a Computer Operator 4. For the post of an Account Officer 5. For the post of a Marketing Officer/ Manager 6. For the post of a Senior/Junior …

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Jan 26

Most Important Compositions for SSC 2018

Most Important Compositions for SSC 2018 1. Wonders of Modern Science 2. Your Aim in Life 3. The Season you Like Most 4. Physical Exercise 5. Duties of a Student/Student Life

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Jan 26

Most Important Paragraphs for SSC 2018

Most Important Paragraphs for SSC 2018 1. Tree Plantation 2. A School Magazine 3. Traffic Jam 4. Environment Pollution 5. Load Shedding

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