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Muhammad mazharul islam, B .A (hons) English , National university.

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Dec 18

mazhar 01740163613

A Paragraph on Sound Pollution

                                     Sound Pollution When the vibration of sound is at a tolerable and pleasant level, it is called simply sound . But when it is sharp and harsh to ears, it becomes sound pollution. There are many causes …

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SSC English First Paper Suggestion 2016

Subject: English FIRST Paper
Question Structure & Marks Distribution for all Examination
Section A (Re-arranging Sentence.
1 Kazi Nazrul Islam 6 Musa Ibrahim
2 Dr Alfred Nobel 7 An honest farmer and a purse of Gold
3 Shakespear 8 A snake and the crow
4 Einstein 9 Androcles
5 Marco Polo 10 Shiekh Saadi and a gang of robbers Continue reading “SSC English First Paper Suggestion 2016” »


SSC English Second Paper Suggestion 2016

Suggestion for SSC Exam-2016
Subject: English 2nd Paper

CV with Cover Letter
1 For lecturer in English 6 For a probationary officer
2 For Personal Assistant 7 For a computer operator
3 For a field officer 8 For an Assistant marketing Manager
4 For an office Executive 9 For the position of a tutor
5 For the position of a Journalist 10 For the position of a receptionist Continue reading “SSC English Second Paper Suggestion 2016” »

Sep 12

mazhar 01740163613

Write a letter to your brother telling him to be serious with studies.

22 July 2013 Tongi, Gazipur Dear Joy, Hope you are well. I am also well. I am unhappy to know that you are not attentive with your studies. You should keep in mind that the good students are respected by all. So, be attentive with your studies. You have to make a good result in …

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Sep 11

mazhar 01740163613

Prayer for Changing Section

Suppose you are a student of class 6. You are in B section. Now you would like to change the section to A. Now write an application your Headmaster to change your section B to A. 22 April 2013 The Headmaster Rasulpur High school Rasulpur, Gafargaon Subject: Prayer for changing my section B to A.

Sep 10

mazhar 01740163613


There are two kinds of Naration. They are a. Direct Naration b. Indirect Naration Direct and Indirect Naration The speech quoted in the exact words of the speaker is Direct Speech or Direct Naration. It is always written within inverted commas. Example: a. Reporting Speech: Monika says, b. Reporting verb : says c. Reported speech …

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Sep 07

mazhar 01740163613

A Story about an old Farmer and his three Sons

                                 Unity is Strength Once there was an old man who had three sons. The sons always quarreled among themselves and got separated. The old man was unhappy. Soon he fell ill. He felt that his days were numbered. He …

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Sep 02

mazhar 01740163613

Application for the relief

Suppose a flood has swept over your area. It has caused a great havoc. Many people are suffering from want of drinking water, medicine, food,  etc. Now write an application to the U.N.O /U.C./T.N.O for the relief of affected people. 2 August, 2013 The T.N.O Gafargaon, Mymensingh Sub: Prayer for the relief. Sir, We beg …

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