Sep 08

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A Paragraph on Environmental Pollution

Environmental Pollution

    Environmental pollution means the contamination of the components of the environment which is harmful to our health and livelihood. In Bangladesh, environment is polluted in many ways. Air is polluted by smoke and fumes of vehicles and industries. Water is polluted by waste and filth of mills and factories. Vehicle horns and indiscriminate use of loud speakers cause sound pollution. Dumping of rubbish and untreated human waste cause serious odor pollution. In this way human beings are causing environmental pollution. Environmental pollution gives rise to ecological imbalance and brings about natural disasters in this world. It causes premature death to millions of people. However, we should take measures to prevent environmental pollution. We should plant more trees and work for forestation. Government should take initiatives to save our environment. Cutting down trees and hill should be restricted. To prevent pollution, government as well as all the conscious people should come forward to develop civic sense to reduce all kinds of pollution. We must remember “pollution and perish; preserve and flourish”. 


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