May 11

Mahbub Murad

A Paragraph about The Liberation War Museum

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                                     The Liberation War Museum 

The Liberation War Museum is situated at Segunbagicha in Dhaka. Generally, it commemorates the Bangladesh Liberation War which led to the independence of Bangladesh from Pakistan.  It was established on 22nd March 1996 and it has more than 10,000 artifacts. It exhibits on display in the museum or stored in its archives.It commemorates heroic struggle of Bengalee nation for democracy and national rights.  In museum, there are 10,732 objects, which include rare photographs, documents, media coverage and materials used by freedom fighters and martyrs of liberation war. However the museum can display around 1300 objects due to paucity of space and its midterm plan includes purchase of a land for building a proper museum. The galleries also display the weapons used by the Mukti Bahini, personal effects of many Mukti Bahini fighters and civilian victims of the atrocities committed by Pakistani forces, many donated by their families after the conflict. It is the outcome of citizen’s effort and is run by a Board of Trustee. It is now recognized, nationally and internationally, as credible institution on history of Bangladesh independence. Visitors to the museum realize how through popular struggle and human sacrifices fundamental principles of democracy, secularism and nationalism of Bangladesh constitution evolved.

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